Exploring Top East Asian-Owned American Startups Revolutionizing the Sales Industry

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The tech industry is an incredibly dynamic arena with new startups propelling breakthroughs and disruptions. While traditionally this industry has been highly homogenized, increasingly, we’re witnessing startups founded by minorities challenging the status quo, bridging gaps, and offering innovative and inclusive solutions. Among these, East Asian-founded startups are taking the world by storm with forward-thinking solutions, particularly within the Sales industry. This article showcases a carefully selected group of top East Asian founded startups that are adding significant value to the Sales industry, enhancing operations, and driving growth through innovation and diversity.

This group of startups spans a wide cross-section of industries, from AI and machine learning, SaaS, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and even skincare. While these startups are distinguishing themselves in various fields, they all unharness the power of sales operations either directly or indirectly to drive their growth. Let’s delve in and celebrate these shining examples of innovative entrepreneurial spirit, hard work, resilience and masterful leadership that champions in diversity.

Get ready to be inspired by the startups that are making impressive strides within their respective spaces, advocating for diversity, driving business growth, and paving the way for future groundbreaking innovations.

Perception Group Inc

Founded by Brett Morris and Regina Chou, Perception Group Inc ventures boldly into the intersection of sales and predictive analytics. Based in Atlanta, the startup’s copybook blend of talent and data science allows sales organizations to recruit and promote the most likely high performers while optimizing existing teams. The company’s ‘performance fingerprint’ offers invaluable intelligence, letting firms predict a candidate’s performance pre-hire and their likely contribution to the company’s bottom line. Connect with Perception Group Inc on LinkedIn.


In Los Angeles, we find Brandboom, an industry-shaping trailblazer fostering fresh approaches to B2B commerce and wholesale markets. Founded by Eric Ni, Jason Tsai, and Ken Leung, Brandboom’s AI-driven tools are revolutionizing the way brands and retailers connect and do business. Whether it’s shipping, financial services, or creative marketing solutions, this startup is overcoming traditional barriers to growth. Also, don’t forget to visit their Facebook and @brandboom on Twitter.

Proven Skincare

Over in San Francisco, Proven Skincare is innovatively combining beauty and skincare with sales and technology. Founded by Amy Yuan Zaoshi and Ming S. Zhao, this startup is personalizing skincare using an AI system to assess customers’ skin conditions and customize their product ingredients. Proven Skincare’s approach to inclusivity is not just visionary but deeply resonates with the shifting consumer expectations of today. Follow Proven Skincare on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @provenskincare on Twitter.


Wisy, another San Francisco-based startup, optimizes product display with its global AI platform that includes image recognition. Founders Min Chen, Nélida Gómez, and Orlando Reyes aimed to improve the visibility and sales of retail products. Stay updated with Wisy via their Facebook, LinkedIn and @wisy_ai on Twitter.

Accurate4cast, Inc.

In Austin, Texas, we find Accurate4cast, Inc, also known as Akucast. Founded by Rick Ow, this startup focuses on revenue operations application that runs on the Salesforce CRM. Keep up with their developments on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @akucast on Twitter.


Created by Alexander Kerschhofer, Austin Wang, and Chris Rothstein, Groove is leading the charge in sales productivity, helping revenue leaders optimize their performance across the business spectrum. Follow Groove on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @groove_co on Twitter.


And finally, we round out our selection with Side, a real estate startup founded by Edward Wu, Guy Gal, and Hilary Saunders. Side transforms agents, teams, and independent brokerages into prosperous businesses and boutique brands, all with proprietary technology and superb support. Discover Side’s journey and projects on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @side_realestate on Twitter.

Each of these startups is a beacon for entrepreneurial spirit, fostering innovation, diversity, and success within their industries. And while they’re breaking barriers and introducing game-changing solutions, these East Asian-founded startups are also setting a precedent for a more inclusive tech industry. We look forward to seeing their continued growth in the future.

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