Shakuntali Siberia Speak: The Role of a Woman in the Future of Humanity

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You might not think of yourself as of a superwoman. You think you’re an ordinary woman who can’t even influence her fate, let alone the whole of humanity. But you’re not! Absolutely every woman can have an impact on our entire world. Shakuntali Siberia tells why it happens that way. 

Imagine you went on a picnic. You took a lot of pictures, made videos, posted them all in your Instagram or other social networks. And eventually the battery on your smartphone died. Of course, there is no socket in the woods or on the beach, where you’re resting now. What should you do? The only solution is to use a power bank. It will quickly bring your phone back to life.

What if it’s not about your cell phone, but about a person? You must have worked hard first to be able to go on a picnic. After all, you had to pay for the car, the delicacies, the clothes, especially the latest collections. And you have spent your energy to earn money.  

Is there a power bank that can return (recharge) the youth, fervour, health, ability to love and forgive, to choose the happy circumstances of life you have spent? There is! You will read abo

What is the uniqueness of men?

A healthy man, developing his abilities, is always focused on actions and goal achievement. In our example, he is the phone. The model can be more or less perfect, but its main purpose is solving problems and changing the world around. Some men create this world, while others, unfortunately, destroy it. 

However, both need a source of energy. If there is no energy, the man becomes passive, loses interest in life and may seek consolidation in alcohol, drugs, computer games, as a way out of this unbearable reality and become someone, at least in his imagination.

What is the uniqueness of a woman? 

The main purpose of a healthy woman is helping others. If you do not agree because you do not feel it in you or do not see examples around you, pay attention to the word “healthy”. It is the key word.

If a woman is sick, concerned, depressed, she herself needs energy support. A little later we will talk about an effective way to get this support and teach you a special practice to help yourself or another woman on your own.

A healthy woman is a powerful source of energy. Consider this: female body generates so much energy that it is able to create a new person – to bear and give birth to a child. But this happens only on the condition that the woman is really healthy and does not waste her energy on fears, negative emotions and fantasies. 

Such a woman wants to help her children, partners, and parents. In our example, a woman is the power bank for everyone with whom she somehow interacts. If a woman reveals her abilities correctly, she is ready to help everyone around her.

They say that she is a woman with an open heart. Such women become the center of attention for everyone. They are proposed, they are offered public positions, they are chosen as leaders of social movements.

If a woman develops her abilities fully, she becomes not only the source of powerful energy, but also the source of knowledge for other women as well. She teaches them how to generate, transform and guide this energy to improve their life and that of humanity as a whole.

Shakuntali Siberia has become such a woman nowadays. She received wise training at her youth and became a successor of the traditions of Siberian shamanism.

Shakuntali Siberia Enlightened woman, reincarnation of the Ukok princess, Northern Altai shaman priestess. Possesses clairvoyance, the talent of instant opening of predestination and healing abilities. Doctor of Psychology, founder of the International Academy of working with subconscious “Gyud”.

Divine transformative energy

Have you ever felt a burst of energy from a radiant smile, friendly support, and warm embrace? Perhaps you even wanted to do something important, or a good deed after that? Just imagine that every person on the Earth will get a portion of such good energy: politicians, military, judges, businessmen, policemen, doctors, teachers, confectioners – everyone will get a portion of warmth, which they will put through their heart, and do something kind and really useful for the future of the Earth.

Have you imagined it? And it is possible! Thanks to thousands of women who have received wise knowledge and energy support at Shakuntali Siberia’s programs. They bring photos of their relatives and friends to the classes and consultations, ask to give the ritual for them or pick an amulet that can change the unfavorable circumstances, protect, and heal.

Of course, Shakuntali Siberia helps everyone. But today, she wants to reveal one very important secret. If a woman works on herself, the energy she receives during her studies extends to everyone she comes into contact with. That is, she helps her relatives and friends to become healthier, richer, more successful and happier.

Why is this happening? The point is that every woman is open to accepting the divine transformative energy. She can become a conductor of such energy for others.

By being in the powerful energy field of Shakuntali Siberia, people get a huge charge of positive power. That is why near such a woman everyone whom she loves, for whom she cares, begins to change, and their life gets better.

That is why it is so important to attend seminars, do all practices, especially individual ones carried out by Shakuntali Siberia in order to purify their subtle bodies and get filled with new, pure, light, energy of the Power. And everything around will change through it – this is how the cosmic law works. 

The story of Mary

“At the time of my first interaction with Shakuntali Siberia, my mother was 85 years old, 44 of which she lived using the hearing kit. There was also the “incurable” emphysema of the lungs on her long list of diseases. I am writing some words in quotes, because after I started attending workshops, I no longer perceived all my diagnoses as something fatal and unchangeable.

But then, my mother was literally dying without my miraculous practices, rituals, and seminars. I couldn’t watch her suffer from constant pain, and I bought very expensive, powerful drugs that would ease her suffering for a very short time.

The treatment wasn’t completely covered by insurance, and at some point I found myself in a difficult financial situation. And that’s when, I don’t know why, I decided to spend the last money on a Shakuntali Siberia’s seminar. I was suddenly sure that I would not just give the money, but would make a donation with my own efforts, and the money would go not in someone’s pocket, but for charity! What, if not this, can really help?

I am crying with happiness now! And I thank God for being at the Shakuntali Siberia’s seminar! Today I talked to my beloved mommy on the phone, and she heard me very well! It is no surprise for people who have no hearing problems. But my mother could barely hear with two hearing kits until recently. A miracle happened! The first kit fell off my mother’s ear during my stay, and the second one two days ago, after I did the lineage karma cleaning ritual. She can hear without them!

Most importantly, she’s no longer in pain. She breathes freely and smiles. And she dreams of going to the seaside. I have already found a good job, or rather it has found me, that her dream will come true!”

The practice of “Emergency Battery Charging” (for women only)

Shakuntali Siberia shares an effective practice that can connect a woman to an inexhaustible energy source. It’s like connecting your phone to an electrical network. Do it alone or with your friend in simple steps:

1. Stand up straight. Put your feet a bit wider than your shoulder width. 

2. Put your palms on the bottom of your abdomen. Your right palm covers your left palm. You can close your eyes and imagine yourself in the tunnel.

3. Start swinging your hips from side to side as if you were pushing a wall on the left and right, trying to make the corridor wider and wider. Breathe in through your nose. Breathe out through your mouth. Imagine a tunnel of your possibilities expanding into a wide road.

4. Put out your hands to the sides, revolving your wrists, and imagine how you reel up pearl necklaces – a symbol of well-being – on your wrists. Rotate your hips clockwise at the same time, trying to make circles wider and wider. Feel the energy collect from the surrounding space and accumulate at the bottom of your abdomen.  

5. Place your palms on the bottom of your abdomen again. Your left palm covers your right palm. Start drawing the sign of infinity with your hips. Feel how you learn to manage your energy and guide it to the people you want to support. Wish them good luck, success, health in your mind. 

6. Stop. Put your palms on your heart, close your eyes and observe your new state for a few minutes. Mentally thank the whole world, the planet, the Higher Powers for their help and patronage.

Please do not forget about the cosmic law! Remember that the future of your family and our entire planet depends on you! You are the woman who holds in her hands the world built on love, happiness, joy and harmony!

Find more free energy practices from Shakuntali Siberia on her YouTube channel

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