10 Amazing Books On Alcohol Abuse

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This article showcases our top picks for the ‘Books On Alcohol Abuse’. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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Glorious Rock Bottom by Bryony Gordon

This product was recommended by Tal Shelef from Condo Wizard

This book enchanted me in a way that allowed me to finish it all in one sitting. It’s a tough subject, alcohol abuse, and not a lot of people can write and shed light into it as beautifully as Bryony Gordon does. It can be hard to read through her experiences and struggles throughout the book, but it provides a peek into how pulling yourself up from a dark place isn’t all endless positivity and sunshine, most of the time, it’s falling again and again, and finding the strength to stand up again each time. A wonderful and inspiring read that will provide inspiration and valuable life lessons to everyone.

This Naked Mind by Annie Grace

This product was recommended by Robin Madelain from Etias-Europe

It has ignited a movement across the country, helping thousands of people forever change their relationship with alcohol.

Allen Carr’s Quit Drinking Without Willpower by Allen Carr

This product was recommended by Robin Madelain from Etias-Europe

Allen Carr’s Quit Drinking Without Willpower explains why you feel the need to drink and with simple step-by-step instructions to set you free, he shows you how to escape from the alcohol trap.

Alcohol Lied to Me by Craig Beck

This product was recommended by Robin Madelain from Etias-Europe

Alcohol Lied to Me by Craig Beck hits home in a very good way. It’s as if a very caring, non-judgemental friend can see right through me in a way that can only be known by someone who’s been through it all. I am incredibly grateful to have found your book and your logical genius.

Four Questions by Arlene G.

This product was recommended by Jessica Higgins from NA

This year has been especially stressful, and alcoholism is at an all-time high. That said, many people are hesitant to join a recovery program because they’re turned off by the term “God.” This book helps us understand how to successfully grasp recovery despite the use of the word. From atheists, agnostics, Christians and Jews to every other religion, Four Questions helps us understand how to approach the God idea in AA, Al-Anon and other recovery programs. It is a companion to the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book, Daily Reflections and other literature that helps recovering alcoholics.

Quit Like a Woman by Holly Whitaker

This product was recommended by Nidhi from The Caffables

It’s very beautifully written, with the necessary research and covers almost everything. I like this book because it makes you feel like living through an experience.

SURVIVAL by Dennis N. Griffin

This product was recommended by Natalie DeYoung from WildBlue Press

Survival is a unique story of sexual abuse at the hands of the author’s father. It is important to discuss sexual abuse by parents and sexual abuse happening to males, which is a lesser told side of the story. Vinnie’s father and his friends sexually abused him as a child. Vinnie’s father told him that he would only be proud if his son won a boxing championship. Vinnie Curto later went on to become a world boxing champion.

Party girl by Anna David

This product was recommended by Achintya Kolipakkam from Elegance Tips

People who are in the fashion industry or are connecting to the glamour industry will relate to this book on other levels. The book depicts the ‘party-girls’ do not live the shiny life. In fact, the sad and unfulfilling life they lead must be heard and learned from.

Parched by Heather King

This product was recommended by Achintya Kolipakkam from Elegance Tips

It focuses more on the spiritual side of alcohol abuse. People who have strong faith can choose this book. it will make an instant effort towards ending alcoholism.

The Art of Losing It by Rosemary Keevil

This product was recommended by Tabitha Bailey from BookSparks PR

Gripping and heartrending but ultimately hopeful, The Art of Losing It is the story of a struggling mother who finds her way―slowly, painfully―from one side of grief and addiction to the other. When her brother dies of AIDS and her husband dies of cancer in the same year, Rosemary is left on her own with two young daughters and antsy addiction demons dancing in her head. This is the nucleus of The Art of Losing It: a young mother jerking from emergency to emergency as the men in her life drop dead around her; a high-functioning radio show host waging war with her addictions while trying to raise her two little girls who just lost their daddy; and finally, a stint in rehab and sobriety that ushers in a fresh brand of chaos instead of the tranquility her family so desperately needs. “With unflinching honesty and bravery, The Art of Losing It brings readers into a world of love, loss, grief, addiction and recovery. It is a powerful reminder that what looks perfect on the outside may be crumbling on the inside. Faced with tragedy and an ensuing downward spiral, Rosemary Keevil finds the strength to change, for herself and her daughters. Beautifully written, there is no self-pity here. Her story and her family are an inspiration to those who feel alone in their struggles.” – Lisa Smith, author of Girl Walks Out of a Bar

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