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14 Inspiring Feminist Instagram Accounts To Follow

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The ability to instantly project our thoughts through words that reach potentially millions of people without the need to appear on TV was an inconceivable dream little more than a decade ago. It also was a dream to potentially reach millions without writing for printed newspapers before the TV. Today we can connect with so many people via smartphone through social media at any time we want. How ridiculously far we’ve come.

Across all of the platforms we could tackle to get our message across, Instagram sticks out especially because it is an image-based site. And what better way to get our message across than with stare-grabbing Feminist influencer posts? People enjoy fun, entertaining content while scrolling on the ‘gram which these feminist Instagram accounts have in spades, plus, lots of feminist subtexts, what’s there not to enjoy? Be sure to follow them.

#1 Fa_2_Pilot

The fa_2_pilot travel product recommended by Rachel Maxwell on Pretty Progressive.

What’s more feministic than a woman taking on a man’s world? Former Flight Attendant making her way to the other side of the flight deck door.


#2 Rupi Kapur

The Rupi Kapur travel product recommended by Sergio Saez on Pretty Progressive.

She is a young poet of Hindu origin who moves forward with firm steps to show her feminist message through her verses with the help of the rise of social networks


#3 Shirley

The Shirley travel product recommended by Shirley Tittermary on Pretty Progressive.

@swallowlikealady is all about connecting women who say “fuck ladylike” and let their freak flags fly.


#4 Little Words Project

The Little Words Project travel product recommended by Emily Rowe on Pretty Progressive.

Little Words Project, every bracelet has a Little Word on it that is meant to serve as a reminder, some words eincludee: fearless, strength, be you, etc. They also have tags with ID numbers that you register online. You keep thee word for as long as you need it and then pass it along to a new woman who needs it more!


#5 Fairygodboss

The Fairygodboss travel product recommended by Samantha Spica on Pretty Progressive.

Fairygodboss’ Instagram account @fairygodboss is full of inspiring quotes and companies doing it right by women. We’re committed to improving the workplace for women by increasing transparency in the workplace and our Instagram inspires women to keep fighting for what they deserve.


#6 Your Fat Friend

The Your Fat Friend travel product recommended by Laura MacDonald on Pretty Progressive.

This anonymous essayist is positively brilliant and approaches the issue of existing in the world as a fat person from a perspective I would definitely call feminist. This person clearly approaches the issue as a *political* issue wherein a group of people face systemic discrimination that should be dismantled, rather than seeing the solution to fatness as self-love. To me, this kind of critique, or seeing the politics through the noise of brand building, is quintessentially feminist.


#7 Christine Scott-Hudson Mft Atr

The Christine Scott-Hudson MFT ATR travel product recommended by Christine Scott-Hudson on Pretty Progressive.

Christine Scott-Hudson is a licensed Feminist Psychotherapist and Owner of Create Your Life Studio, an art therapy and psychology studio for women and girls.


#8 Kinkly

The Kinkly travel product recommended by Tara Struyk on Pretty Progressive.

Kinkly’s mission is to promote conversations around sex, bodies and pursuing pleasure in ways that are safe, healthy, consensual and fun. We think pleasure is a birthright and we support the kind of consensual exploration that is still frowned upon in many circles, especially when it’s women who are pursuing it. The aim of our Instagram account is to inspire people to embrace their sexuality, their bodies and their desires.


#9 Brittany Goss Of Rebel Astrology & Coaching

The Brittany Goss of Rebel Astrology & Coaching travel product recommended by Brittany Goss on Pretty Progressive.

Rebel Astrology & Coaching has a feminist mission to awaken self-identified womxn to the wisdom of their inner voices and inspire them to be their most authentic selves. Brittany Goss is an astrologer and life coach based in Brooklyn, New York. @rebelastrology Instagram content includes inspiring weekly horoscopes, feminist quotes, and cosmic wisdom for moving towards wholeness.


#10 Kuiper The Science Dog

The Kuiper the Science Dog travel product recommended by Beth Gordon on Pretty Progressive.

My dog has a science and history themed Instagram account, and loves sharing women’s history as part of that. I’ve tried my best to present issues like equality without being overtly partisan (as I do not believe they are partisan issues.)


#11 Namaste Jenay

The Namaste Jenay travel product recommended by Jenay Rose on Pretty Progressive.

Namaste Jenay is a women’s empowerment coach! It is obvious just by glancing at her messaging and soulmate audience that she serves women powerfully and gives them the tools and mindset to unleash their power and thrive in their lives.


#12 Vspot Medi Spa

The VSPOT Medi Spa travel product recommended by Julie Kotler on Pretty Progressive.

VSPOT Medi Spa is a women’s intimate health spa located on the Upper East Side of NYC that offers the latest technology and painless treatments. The founder, Cindy Barshop is trailblazer and completely revolutionized the way women think and talk about personal grooming. With VSPOT Medi Spa the conversation is all about feeling good and empowered.

The treatments available at VSPOT are led by Dr. Carolyn Delucia and they help with everything for PMS to incontinence. With VSPOT, Cindy is really helping bring awareness to these common issues women face throughout their lives and all about how feeling good isn’t taboo!


#13 Luisa Ruocco

The Luisa Ruocco travel product recommended by Luisa Ruocco on Pretty Progressive.

Because I travel the world over on my own – I like to empower other girls by showing them that solo travel can be safe and fun


#14 Boss Babe’S Natalie Ellis

The Boss Babe's Natalie Ellis travel product recommended by Stacy Caprio on Pretty Progressive.

Boss Babe’s Natalie Ellis’ is my favorite feminist Instagram account. Her account posts motivational entrepreneurial quotes for females who have their own business and is one of my favorite inspiring feminist Instagram accounts. I love her stories as well that showcase the behind the scenes as she builds her 7 figure Boss Babe company.


The recommendations of products and books within this article where sourced from industry experts. Their names and websites are listed below.

Who contributed to this article?

Rachel Maxwell from Maxwell Biometrics

Sergio Saez from Heepsy

Shirley Tittermary from N/A

Emily Rowe from Social Sensei LLC

Samantha Spica from Fairygodboss

Laura MacDonald from QueerTech

Christine Scott-Hudson from Create Your Life Studio

Tara Struyk from Kinkly

Brittany Goss from Rebel Astrology & Coaching

Beth Gordon from Spacewhippet

Jenay Rose from Namaste Jenay

Julie Kotler from Tractenberg&Co

Luisa Ruocco from luisainsta

Stacy Caprio from Growth Marketing

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