20 Best Podcasts About Ethical Sustainability of 2021

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Are you wanting to learn more about ethical sustainability? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best ethical sustainability podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

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Best Ethical Sustainability Podcasts 2021

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WARDROBE CRISIS with Clare Press

  • Publisher: Clare Press
  • Total Episodes: 142

WARDROBE CRISIS is a fashion podcast about sustainability, ethical fashion and making a difference in the world. Host Clare Press was the first VOGUE sustainability editor, and each week she interviews international guests about the big issues facing the fashion industry. Get to know their personal stories, and be part of the change.

Sustainably Influenced

  • Publisher: Bianca Foley & Charlotte Williams
  • Total Episodes: 36

Sustainably Influenced is a platform guiding people through the minefield of sustainability. Hosts Bianca Foley & Charlotte Williams interview a series of experts in sustainability and ethical living to shed a little light on the many terms used across industries, discussing the different aspects of living a conscious lifestyle and how we can do our bit to make a difference.


  • Publisher: Behaviorbabe
  • Total Episodes: 120

Behaviorbabe (aka Dr. Amanda Kelly) is an ethical advocate for the accurate dissemination and application of behavior analysis. Dr. Kelly is a PhD-level, Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA-D); the first to be licensed in the state of Hawai’i. This podcast features conversations, discussions, and brief presentations by Dr. Kelly related to behavior analysis, education, sustainability, public policy, and more. For more great info, visit www.behaviorbabe.com.

The Coffee Podcast

  • Publisher: The Coffee Podcast
  • Total Episodes: 170

The Coffee Podcast is a podcast about coffee and people, hosted by Jesse Hartman. The Coffee Podcast unfolds the wonder behind coffee through conversations with people in and around the coffee industry. The show follows topics on sourcing, brewing, and roasting coffee but also dives deep into ethical issues with topics like coffee production and sustainability. Often, topics are nuanced in conversation with all the hands involved in making a delicious cup of coffee. Episodes were released weekly from Episode 1 to Episode 110. Now, new episodes are released in series every 4 months.

Common Threads

  • Publisher: commonthreads
  • Total Episodes: 28

A podcast about style that doesn’t sacrifice sustainability, from ethical fashion writer Ruth MacGilp and stylist Alice Cruickshank. We believe that fashion should respect both people and the planet, and we want to explore all the ways we can build a better industry, and talk to the people helping us get there. Let’s change the fashion game, one conversation at a time.

Transportation Matters – The CEO Podcast of Daimler Trucks & Buses

  • Publisher: Daimler Truck AG
  • Total Episodes: 14

Trucks and buses are the backbone of economy and society. Without them, the world would come to a standstill. At the same time, commercial vehicle manufacturers have a great responsibility when it comes to their impact on climate change and their role in society as employers and corporate citizens. In his monthly podcast ‘Transportation Matters’ Martin Daum, CEO of the global manufacturer Daimler Truck AG, invites prominent guests to discuss highly relevant topics ranging from the future of transportation to sustainability, leadership and ethical business, sometimes taking unexpected positions.

Ethical & Sustainable Investing News to Profit By!

  • Publisher: Ron Robins
  • Total Episodes: 57

These podcasts will help you apply your personal values — such as those encompassing sustainability, ethics, etc. — to your investments. My name is Ron Robins and I’ve been following this style of investing since the 1970s. Now it’s mainstream because it can be very profitable too! Beginning in 1969, I held investment industry positions in investment analysis, over-the-counter stock trading, and global private equity sales. And for almost two decades I’ve been a leading writer and tutor in ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible investing (SRI). I’ve been interviewed or quoted in The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, Forbes, The Financial Post, BNN, The Globe & Mail, and numerous other media. In 2002, I founded the globally popular and highly respected ethical investing website, Investing for the Soul. Now, it’s my pleasure to help you with these podcasts to be successful in profitably applying your personal values to your investments. And, please subscribe to my RSS feed and to my blog.

Ethical Hour Changemaker Chats

  • Publisher: Ethical Hour – Sian Conway
  • Total Episodes: 80

Ethical Hour’s Changemaker Chats podcast brings you inspiring conversations with impact entrepreneurs, everyday activists and changemakers from around the world, who are tackling social and environmental issues and working hard to make the world a better place through the power of small business. You’ll hear stories from the front line of social justice, sustainability and triple bottom line businesses. Tune in for inspiring interviews and cutting edge conversations with the world’s leading ethical innovators working for people, planet and profit towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Wear your values

  • Publisher: ECHTE
  • Total Episodes: 5

There’s a new sustainable brand in town: ECHTE. Whether you’re just beginning to learn about sustainable fashion, or you’re a fashion-conscious veteran, it can be difficult to determine just what sustainability or other buzz words like transparency, eco-friendly, fair fashion, or even ethical, mean within the context of fashion. For that reason, we created the ‘Wear your values’ podcast.

D Sustainability Issue

  • Publisher: Dessie Georgieva
  • Total Episodes: 6

D Sustainability Issue is a podcast about sustainable fashion and mindfulness by Dessie Georgieva. Through talking to industry insiders and researching the best and worst practices of the industry while taking a mindful approach, she is on a quest to make sustainable and ethical fashion the new normal.

Table Stakes

  • Publisher: Marcy Twete
  • Total Episodes: 21

In today’s business landscape, responsibility and sustainability are no longer optional or “nice to have.” Modern stakeholders don’t just expect an environmental, social and governance (ESG) focus, they demand it. Being a good corporate citizen today is “table stakes.” Simultaneously, many of the corporate social responsibility departments companies launched in the last 30 years aren’t thinking enough about innovation, growth, business-focused results and resilience. Table Stakes discusses the issues of sustainability with forward-thinking leaders to forecast the future of responsible business. Being ethical, human and sustainable is no longer optional – it’s table stakes.

Ethical Consumer Podcast

  • Publisher: Julia Abbott
  • Total Episodes: 68

Welcome to The Ethical Consumer Podcast! Join me, Julia Abbott, as we meet with innovators in the food and beverage industry. From responsible sourcing to community impact, we have your sustainability information covered – and all of the people behind these tasty things are pretty rad too. Our mission is to mend the disconnect between the products we consume and our knowledge of where they came from. Whether you’re a seasoned label reader and background checker or just dipping your toes in the waters of a sustainable lifestyle, we’re here to keep you informed.

Fair Food Forager & Friends Show

  • Publisher: Hosted by Dayna
  • Total Episodes: 35

The Fair Food Forager & Friends show | Changing the way the world eats by making ethical easy | Follow for chat about feel-good food & sustainability Food Directory App, social media, education and environmental sustainability ideas – Free Download


  • Publisher: Jen Parlin and Jackie Costello
  • Total Episodes: 29

The podcast on Fair Trade, Ethical Fashion, and Sustainability. Join Jackie Costello and Jen Parlin as they take a dive into the world of fair trade fashion with special guests of brands you should know about!

The Eco Warrior Princess Podcast

  • Publisher: Jennifer Nini
  • Total Episodes: 7

The Eco Warrior Princess Podcast explores environmentalism, eco living, ethical fashion and green living. We redefine what it means to live sustainability.

Susty Soul

  • Publisher: Latoya Ramos
  • Total Episodes: 11

The show highlights topics within ethical fashion, food justice, agriculture, and other sustainability and social impact related topics as they concern people of color. The show will open dialogue and bridge the information gap between communities of color & the environmental realm by highlighting individuals who have built brands focused on tackling environmentally-focused fields such as sustainable fashion, food justice and climate change. 

Magnetiize – John Sanei

  • Publisher: John Sanei
  • Total Episodes: 4

Welcome to the first 2 chapters of John Sanei’s powerful book “Magnetiize” You can find the full audiobook HERE: https://adbl.co/2Dy9Fc0 The world is caught in a never-ending chase. Life and business seem only to get more complex, confusing and fast-paced. How can we regain our calm and clarity? How do we retain control and live purposeful lives when for so long doing business has been all about madly prioritising profit? In his best-selling book What’s Your Moonshot? John Sanei asked, How BIG is your thinking? Now, in Magnetiize, he asks, How CONSCIOUS is your thinking? With his unique blend of psychology, business strategy and future studies, he reveals the new way. He asks us to look inwards first, to find authenticity and meaning. Then, in looking out, he explains how purpose-led business isn’t just the ethical choice; it is ultimately the rational choice for long-term sustainability in a world looking for conscious and ethical solutions. It’s time to Magnetiize! “With compelling insight, Magnetiize shows us how to best navigate this rapidly changing future with less fear and more excitement.” – René Carayol, MBE “John Sanei’s genius is in helping us decode and overcome the obstacles we face in achieving personal and professional success. Magnetiize is a must-read for anyone who wants to live a more wonderful life.” – Nadia Bilchik, CNN

Esports Connected

  • Publisher: Esports Futuri Podcast Network
  • Total Episodes: 9

Join Esports Trade Association Managing Director Megan Van Petten as she interviews some of today’s most influential people and companies in the esports industry. The Esports Trade Assoication’s Mission is to unify, serve, and ethically advance the business interests and sustainability of the esports industry, and the Esports Connected Podcast extends that effort through highlights ad conversations with their members.

Quaker Focus

  • Publisher: Michael Winter
  • Total Episodes: 6

Quaker Focus is produced by the Christchurch Quakers and is on air at 9 p.m. on the fourth Wednesday each month. We are part of the global Quaker family – a radical spiritual group with roots in the 17th century. Quakers try to see the good in everybody, and value the insights from the world’s various spiritual and ethical traditions. Over the centuries, Quakers have been involved in a wide range of social changes, consistent with their values – such as anti-slavery, prison reform, peace and disarmament. Quaker Focus provides a glimpse into Quaker life and values in 21st century New Zealand. After an initial introductory programme, we will look at the impact of our key values on our lives, and their relevance in today’s world. These values (which we call testimonies) include Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality and Sustainability. The programmes are introduced and produced by Michael Winter, who has been associated with Quakers for over 40 years in the U.K. and New Zealand. Michael will be chairing discussions with 2 or 3 Quakers in each episode. We hope you can join us. If you want to find out more about Quakers, please call Michael on 021 225 8620, or visit QuakeCityQuakers on Facebook. The national website is www.quaker.org.nz. We meet every Sunday at 10.30 a.m. at the Quaker Centre, 217 Ferry Road. Do come and meet us!

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