20 Best Podcasts About Misogyny of 2021

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Are you wanting to learn more about misogyny? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best misogyny podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, Twitter us Pretty Progressive (Twitter) and we will check it out!

Best Misogyny Podcasts 2021

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Ordinary Equality

  • Publisher: Wonder Media Network
  • Total Episodes: 31

In 2021, abortion access is still in the news; from our founding, the conversation around reproductive rights has been one of the most contentious political debates in America. This history is one that combines political, religious, and social forces, layered with systemic racism and misogyny. From Wonder Media Network, co-hosts Kate Kelly and Jamia Wilson unpack this rich history from the views of colonial America, to seminal Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade, all the way to the present day.

Name 3 Songs

  • Publisher: W!ZARD Studios
  • Total Episodes: 47

Name 3 Songs was created to challenge sexism in the music industry and empower fangirls. Every Sunday, join us as we think critically and unlearn internalized misogyny together. Co-hosts Sara Feigin and Jenna Million are long-time fangirls with 10+ years of music industry experience. For detailed show notes on each episodes visit: name3songs.com This is a music commentary podcast based on in-depth research and the personal opinions of the hosts.

Remarkable Providences

  • Publisher: The Whisperforge
  • Total Episodes: 21

A spiritual crisis grips the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1692 that results in the deaths of twenty-five people and effectively ended a budding American theocracy. Remarkable Providences dives deep into the climate of purity and resentment that generated one of the most enduring–and misunderstood–American myths. Kate Devorak, a former Salem tour guide and current Salem nerd, takes us through the story of how fear, greed, prejudice, and zeal caused a community to nearly destroy itself from the inside out. Remarkable Providences is a podcast about Puritans and pettiness, magic and misogyny, gospel and government, and, of course, the Salem Witch Trials.

Reclaiming My Theology

  • Publisher: Brandi Miller
  • Total Episodes: 40

Reclaiming My Theology is a podcast and community taking our theology back from ideas and systems that oppress. My name is Brandi Miller, some of you know me as @brandinico in online spaces. For over a decade, I have been exploring, unlearing, and reimagining my faith outside of systemic oppression and want to bring you along with me! Each season of the podcast will be a deep dive into a form of systemic oppression and ask how the values of oppressive ideas shape our hearts, minds, politics, and lived experiences. There are so many things to reclaim our theology from: white supremacy, patriarchy and misogyny, capitalism, homophobia, ableism and more. As we launch our first season, we will be reclaiming our theology from white supremacy. Each episode, I will talk to a guest about how the attributes of oppressive ideologies have infiltrated how we see ourselves, each other, and God. We will learn from marginalized communities who practice a different way, and seek to create a more just faith experience together.

What She Said

  • Publisher: V and E
  • Total Episodes: 6

Join V and E in discussing current events relating to gender, the patriarchy, misogyny, and more.

She Speaks

  • Publisher: Morgan Reber//Jake Christensen
  • Total Episodes: 13

“She Speaks” is a podcast dedicated to the exploration of feminism and Mormonism. Host Morgan Reber and producer Jake Christensen invite a wide variety of guests both within and without the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to dissect issues such as sexual harassment, modesty, misogyny, female sexuality, the “Bloggernacle”, dating, LGBTQ+ topics, and Heavenly Mother– all within the context of modern Mormon culture and theology. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/morgan-reber8/support

Give Her The Mic

  • Publisher: Candela Peña
  • Total Episodes: 4

“Give Her The Mic” is the podcast series with Candela Peña where she discusses current issues surrounding women in the music industry and gives women a chance to express their opinions by “giving them the mic”. She brings on featured guests and talks about misogyny and objectification of women in lyrics and music videos as well as women in production.

The Last Bachelor

  • Publisher: Elvin Matos
  • Total Episodes: 32

Addressing Misogyny and Generational Trauma While Promoting Positivity in Relationships, Life, Sex and More. Its Objective Is To Inspire Change and Unlearn Habits We Picked Up From Older Generations. Episodes Are Based on Over 25yrs of Personal Life Experiences Combined with Over 4yrs of Educational Research and Studies on Healthy Lifestyle Development. The Old Ways are Over. It’s Time For New Healthy Masculinity. Instagram: @blitzcity

The Witch Podcast

  • Publisher: Lauren Eckert
  • Total Episodes: 20

Witch. Hag. Spinster. Chrone. Slut. Whore. Temptress. Bitch. These and other words have been levied against women for tens of thousands of years as tools to belittle us, oppress us, turn us against each other, and rob us of our inherent power. Join me, Lauren Eckert, and a plethora of amazing cohosts, conjurors, friends, family, experts, coven sisters, and other humans as we explore the too often untold stories of oppression, of femme heroes, and the of history of women’s leadership rooted in our very biology. Journey also with us as we challenge assumptions, unearth hidden history, and destroy internalized misogyny – as we reclaim and rediscover our power on The Witch Podcast.

Dear Patriarchy

  • Publisher: Jennifer Shafiro & Lisa Lynn
  • Total Episodes: 27

A gas-lit woman’s guide to surviving the (corporate) world. Jenni & Lisa are sisters with over 2 decades spent working in the male-dominated industries of Construction, Tech and Finance. They delve into the pitfalls and the gas-lighting women experience in the patriarchal construct of traditional corporate environments, sharing their personal experiences along with statistics relating to how misogyny, racism, prejudice, trans-phobia and queer-phobia present in the workplace. If you’ve ever wondered why you’re not getting ahead at work (or getting as far as you want), they’ll explore why (spoiler alert: it’s not your fault) and what you can do about it.


  • Publisher: Kilo & Kash
  • Total Episodes: 25

What is DOPE!? Hosted by Kilo and Kash is not only a fun wordplay twist of our names but a show where we discuss topics that are unique and interesting in our raw and uncut delivery. Our personal vent sessions about love, life, music, beauty, current events, misogyny, relationships, food, family and anything else that captures our attention. With occasional weekly guest, hot current topics and dope original musical features we plan to keep you all laughing and engrossed the Kilo and Kash way.

Don’t Knock It

  • Publisher: Chris Ramirez
  • Total Episodes: 5

For decades, young men like myself have been taught to live life according to what we feel fulfills us. We did so accordingly with headphones and car stereos blaring misogyny, infidelity, violence, and hatred. From the perspective of a young kid from Oxnard, CA, whom the God of the Bible so graciously saved, comes scripture and conversation on the very music, culture, and life lessons from our elders that fed the sinful nature we were born into and how the identity we receive through the Lord Jesus Christ restores it all.

Misfit Toys Comedy

  • Publisher: Iggy Love Sky
  • Total Episodes: 3

An interactive roundtable where comedians battle misogyny, racism, and ignorance one laugh at a time with co-host Maria De La Ghetto. Produced in association with Joke Pit The Comedy Box Office, London: www.jokepit.com/home

Lady Chef Podcast

  • Publisher: Chef Nay
  • Total Episodes: 12

This podcast is for the strong and bold women in the Culinary field. Working in restaurants where you may be the only women on a line of men. Misogyny, Masculinity and jealousy peaking out from out their male gaze. Heres how some of the brave women navigate through this mail dominated industry.

Cursed History

  • Publisher: Marley Stuever-Williford
  • Total Episodes: 13

“All History is current; all injustice continues on some level, somewhere in the world.” -Alice Walker Do you ever wonder exactly how things got this bad? Racism, misogyny, disease, the death of our planet– how did no one see this coming? (Answer: many people did). More importantly though, what can we do to stop it? Cursed History is a bi-weekly podcast that explores the past to get answers to these questions. The pieces of history interlock like a horrible 4D Rubik’s Cube, creating a cause-and-effect chain that extends from early civilization to today. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/cursedhistory/support

Real Women’s Forum

  • Publisher: Maternal-Infant Services Network
  • Total Episodes: 13

This podcast is an extension of the Maternal-Infant Services Network in partnership with Mid Hudson Chocolate Milk. Real Women’s Forum aims to build trusting relationships amongst women by discussing a variety of topics including healthy relationships, sexual health, parenting, misogyny, & racism. Under this podcast we have created Adolexence. A section that will discuss subjects that pertain to youth. This portion of the podcast aims to discuss mental & sexual health, school life, wellness, nutrition, technology, identity, parenting, and all that concerns being an adolescent in this world.


  • Publisher: Derik Jones
  • Total Episodes: 26

Unburdened is a podcast focused on the mental health of black men. We provide a safe space for your thoughts. We dissect our toxic masculinity and how it affected us and others throughout our lives, and how we can free ourselves from what we were taught. There is only one rule: No homophobia, transphobia or misogyny allowed. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/unburdened/support


  • Publisher: Daylee
  • Total Episodes: 19

Strange World Media is urban leaning Media/pop culture commentary podcast specifically designed to be a safe space for women/LGBTQ peoples of color and our allies. So whether it’s Reality TV and movies or homophobia/misogyny in minority communities…. Strange World Media (Daylee and Mak) has it covered!!!!


  • Publisher: Clockshop
  • Total Episodes: 38

South of Fletcher: Stories from the Bowtie explores the past, present and potential of the Bowtie parcel. Once one of Southern California’s most important rail yards, this site will soon become the next urban California State Park, joining a patchwork of other river-adjacent green spaces that are shaping the course of LA River revitalization. Through personal interviews with people who have worked, lived and otherwise made their marks at this post-industrial site, Fonografia Collective explores some of LA’s biggest challenges, and speculates about what change at this site might mean for the rest of the city. ____________________ Clockshop’s Counter-Inaugural is a series of talks addressing the misogyny, hate speech, and climate change denial that dominated the 2016 presidential campaign. Radio Imagination celebrates the life and work of Pasadena science fiction writer Octavia E. Butler (1947–2006). Organized by Clockshop, the program centers on ten contemporary art and literary commissions that explore Butler’s archive at the Huntington Library. New work will premiere alongside performances, film screenings, and literary events throughout the year.

Everything to Think

  • Publisher: Gabi and Rachel
  • Total Episodes: 2

Welcome to Everything to Think! Gabi and Rachel are just two high school friends who have a lot to say. We plan on talking about things that many teens struggle with such as gaining self confidence, fearing the future, and having a better mindset. Along with that, we plan on addressing more serious issues like misogyny and politics. Come listen and learn something new every episode!

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