20 Best Podcasts About Palestine of 2021

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Are you wanting to learn more about palestine? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best palestine podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, Twitter us Pretty Progressive (Twitter) and we will check it out!

Best Palestine Podcasts 2021

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This Is Palestine

  • Publisher: The Institute of Middle East Understanding
  • Total Episodes: 34

‘This Is Palestine’ is a podcast that highlights people, issues and events around Palestine. We bring you stories from the ground in Palestine, and we speak with experts and activists to bring you unique perspectives and analysis about Palestine from across the world. This podcast is a project of the Institute for Middle East Understanding (IMEU).

The Miko Peled Podcast

  • Publisher: mikopeledpodcast
  • Total Episodes: 32

Author and human rights activist, Miko Peled, aims to shine a light on under-reported Palestinian experiences through conversations with the brave human rights defenders living in Palestine, Israel, and the diaspora. Free Palestine! Follow @MikoPeled | www.mikopeled.com

The +972 Podcast

  • Publisher: +972 Magazine
  • Total Episodes: 29

Dive past the headlines in Israel-Palestine to explore the issues and stories other outlets tend to ignore with +972 Magazine writers and local activists, politicians, and experts. +972 Magazine is owned and operated by a group of Israeli and Palestinian journalists, providing fresh, in-depth reporting and analysis directly from the ground in Israel-Palestine. The magazine is committed to human rights, democracy, and freedom of information, and actively opposes the Israeli occupation.

The Minyan

  • Publisher: The Minyan
  • Total Episodes: 22

Bringing Marxist-Leninist analysis to Jewish history, culture, and current events. Long live the Diaspora. Long live Palestine.

The Palestine Pod

  • Publisher: Lara E. and Mikey B.
  • Total Episodes: 9

A Palestinian-American Lawyer & Jewish-American comedian break down the latest Palestine-related news with commentary & interviews every week.


  • Publisher: Unsettled Podcast
  • Total Episodes: 43

Unsettled is a podcast about Israel-Palestine and the Jewish diaspora. We’re here to provide a space for the difficult conversations and diverse viewpoints that are all too rare in institutional American Jewish communities.

Occupied Thoughts

  • Publisher: Occupied Thoughts by FMEP
  • Total Episodes: 42

Peter Beinart, FMEP staff, and guests take a deep dive into issues related to Israel, Palestine, and occupation. This podcast is a project of the Foundation for Middle East Peace (FMEP.org)

Rethinking Palestine

  • Publisher: Al-Shabaka: The Palestinian Policy Network
  • Total Episodes: 7

Rethinking Palestine is a podcast from Al-Shabaka: The Palestinian Policy Network, a transnational think tank that aims to foster public debate on Palestinian human rights and self-determination. We draw upon the vast knowledge and experience of the Palestinian people, whether in Palestine or in exile, to put forward strong and diverse Palestinian policy voices. In this podcast, we will be bringing these voices to you so that you can listen to Palestinians sharing their analysis wherever you are in the world.

Welcome to Palestine

  • Publisher: The Pali Project
  • Total Episodes: 2

Welcome to Palestine, by The Pali Project explores all things Palestine, including art, culture, news, and most importantly, insights and stories from Palestinians!

Palestine : In-Between

  • Publisher: Cher Asad
  • Total Episodes: 2

A podcast exploring land and food politics throughout Palestine. We’ll discuss the criminalization of food and its production within Palestine and the autonomous practices that exist amidst legislation, occupation, and ongoing colonialism. This podcast is made in collaboration with Columbia University’s Center for Palestine Studies, Lifta Volumes (@liftavolumes), Lena Mansour, and Cher Asad.

The Palestine Podcast

  • Publisher: Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign
  • Total Episodes: 60

News, views and analysis on Palestine-Israel

The Mondoweiss Podcast

  • Publisher: Mondoweiss
  • Total Episodes: 14

At Mondoweiss, our beat is Palestine and the movements, activists and policymakers who affect what’s happening there. We cover Palestinians’ stories of occupation, resistance and hope – stories that show us all how the world’s struggles interconnect.

Miriam and Youssef

  • Publisher: BBC World Service
  • Total Episodes: 11

A 10-part drama about the founding of Israel. Miriam is a Jewish immigrant to Palestine, and Youssef is an Arab inhabitant driven into exile.

Sermon Audio – Cross of Grace

  • Publisher: Cross of Grace Lutheran Church
  • Total Episodes: 407

Weekly audio of sermons preached at Cross of Grace Lutheran Church in New Palestine, Indiana

The Hardest Word

  • Publisher: Brett De Hoedt
  • Total Episodes: 85

Real apologies from real people around the globe. Each short episode showcases an apology ranging from hilarious to heartbreaking. Hosted by the show’s creator Brett de Hoedt. The show is intimate – total strangers reveal themselves – and genuinely most diverse. Apologies come from China, Palestine, Australia, Bangladesh, Macedonia, New Zealand, Kenya, the Philippines, India and more. Original score by Brian Wallace.

Voice of Insaniyyat | صَوت إنْسانيّات

  • Publisher: Voice of Insaniyyat | صَوت إنْسانيّات
  • Total Episodes: 4

Ethnographic voices on Palestine and the world

Institute for Palestine Studies

  • Publisher: Institute for Palestine Studies
  • Total Episodes: 379

Podcast by Institute for Palestine Studies

Stories from Palestine

  • Publisher: Kristel
  • Total Episodes: 37

Listen to lively stories and inspiring interviews about the history and cultural heritage of Palestine and the ongoing Palestinian struggle for justice and equality. Every Monday a new episode. Subscribe to the mailing list for a weekly update so you never miss an episode. All social media links (facebook, instagram and youtube) and to subscribe to the mail chimp are in one place, easy, on the website www.storiesfrompalestine.info The music for this podcast was made by Zaid Hilal, Palestinian musician, you can find him on Soundcloud, Spotify, Facebook and Instagram.

Bad Rabbi

  • Publisher: Rabbi Charlie Buckholtz
  • Total Episodes: 17

What does it mean to be a spiritual leader at this critical and chaotic moment in human history? Rabbi Charlie Buckholtz conducts intimate long-form interviews with other rabbis and culture-carriers, change-agents and court-jesters. On topics ranging from spiritual resistance to disorganized religion to Israel/Palestine to creativity to the possibility of individual and collective change, their lively journeys and conversations offer insight, humor, rare perspective and at times rank absurdity for its own sake–in the process sketching the contours of some compelling new possibilities.

Gaza Guy

  • Publisher: Gaza Guy
  • Total Episodes: 86

Gaza Guy with ‘Moe Moussa’ a Journalist and a Poet based in Gaza. Moe discusses on his podcast different topics; most likely, art, poetry, Palestine, Gaza, cultures, and more… Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/gazaguy/support

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