20 Best Podcasts About Renewable Energy of 2021

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Are you wanting to learn more about renewable energy? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best renewable energy podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

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Best Renewable Energy Podcasts 2021

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The Fully Charged PLUS Podcast

  • Publisher: Fully Charged PLUS Show
  • Total Episodes: 112

Filled with interesting stories, almost breaking news, a pinch of wit and a dash of banter. A few guests who actually know what is going on in the world of EVs, renewable energy and sustainability.

Redefining Energy

  • Publisher: Laurent Segalen + Gerard Reid
  • Total Episodes: 42

Two investment bankers bimonthly explore how tech, finance, markets and regulations are radically redefining the world of energy: Renewable Energy, Electric Cars, Hydrogen, Battery Storage, Digitisation… your co-hosts: from Berlin, Gerard Reid and from London, Laurent Segalen.Our LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/redefining-energy/

Kilowatt: A Podcast about Tesla

  • Publisher: 918Digital
  • Total Episodes: 243

Kilowatt is a podcast about Tesla, Electric Vehicles, Elon Musk, Renewable Energy, and a bit of Apple.

GreenBiz 350

  • Publisher: Joel Makower and Heather Clancy
  • Total Episodes: 215

GreenBiz 350 is a weekly podcast taking you behind the headlines in green business. Original stories and interviews cover renewable energy, clean technologies, sustainable supply chains, cities, food, climate change and more.

Local Energy Rules

  • Publisher: John Farrell
  • Total Episodes: 164

This bi-weekly podcast from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance shares powerful stories of local renewable energy, from mayors discussing their city’s commitment to 100% renewable energy to tales of innovative community owned solar to questions about the the best rooftop solar policy. Join host John Farrell, the director of the Institute’s Energy Democracy Initiative, as he asks if the 100-year-old monopoly market structure for electricity delivery makes sense in an on-demand, distributed 21st century energy system.

The Kingdom Podcast

  • Publisher: Soluna
  • Total Episodes: 30

Founded in 2018, Soluna develops vertically-integrated, utility-scale projects that combine its own renewable energy power plants with high-performance computing facilities. Our team sits down with experts in the field to discuss life in a startup, Blockchain use cases, and renewable energy innovation.

The Climate Minute

  • Publisher: The Massachusetts Climate Action Network
  • Total Episodes: 360

The Climate Minute examines current news on global warming, climate change, renewable energy and the prospects for progress on international negotiations, carbon taxes and clean energy policy.

The Uptime Wind Energy Podcast

  • Publisher: Allen Hall
  • Total Episodes: 60

Uptime is a wind energy podcast focused on improving the efficiency of wind turbines and renewable energy. On this show you’ll learn about current business trends and renewable energy technology, as expert Allen Hall breaks down the latest research and news from the wind industry. Listeners will come away with deeper knowledge on how to improve wind turbine uptime. Learn about new solutions in operations and maintenance that can save wind farms millions of dollars annually and push the renewable sector forward.

The Energy Podcast

  • Publisher: Shell
  • Total Episodes: 15

The world faces a critical challenge: how to meet growing energy demand while urgently reducing carbon dioxide emissions. It means the global energy system must change. Will innovation come to the rescue? How will renewable energy evolve? Does the oil and gas industry have a future? Will batteries, hydrogen or even blockchain alter the way we live, work and travel? The Energy Podcast by Shell explores these questions. We speak to the engineers at the pioneering edge of science and technology, the experts tracking progress towards the goals of the Paris Agreement, and the entrepreneurs working to drive the change.

Still To Be Determined

  • Publisher: Still TBD: Matt Ferrell and Sean Ferrell
  • Total Episodes: 60

Join Matt Ferrell from the YouTube Channel, Undecided, and his brother Sean Ferrell as they discuss electric vehicles, renewable energy, smart technologies, and how they impact our lives. Still TBD continues the conversation from the Undecided YouTube channel.

Emerging Tech Radio

  • Publisher: Netra|Customized Energy Solutions
  • Total Episodes: 76

Emerging Tech Radio is a podcast that explores everything about renewable energy, energy storage, electric vehicles and other emerging technologies in the cleantech space. It brings together industry experts, entrepreneurs and policy makers from India and around the world together for conversations that are aimed to transform the future of global energy. Hosted by Netra | Produced by Customized Energy Solutions | Music credits: Vexento

Vice Versa with Matt & Ricky

  • Publisher: Matt Ferrell and Ricky Roy
  • Total Episodes: 26

Join Matt & Ricky each week as they discuss the latest news about electric vehicles, renewable energy, and technology. Matt Ferrell publishes videos about smart and sustainable technologies at the Undecided with Matt Ferrell YouTube channel. And Ricky publishes videos about the future of technology, energy, and transportation.

Watts Up

  • Publisher: Watts Up by GRNE Solar
  • Total Episodes: 44

Renewable energy and sustainability news is nothing short of a rollercoaster with changes by the day. What better way to stay up-to-date on Watts Up than hearing from industry experts sharing about their innovations, solutions, and knowledge.

Renewable Radio

  • Publisher: Renewable Energy Alaska Project
  • Total Episodes: 7

Renewable Radio is brought to you by Renewable Energy Alaska Project, a nonprofit working in Alaska dedicated to increasing the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency in Alaska through collaboration, education, training, and advocacy. This podcast will take a close look at a variety of energy related issues that are pertinent to Alaska’s energy future.

The Planet Today

  • Publisher: Matt Norden
  • Total Episodes: 1

Weekly episodes covering the latest in Wildlife Conservation, Renewable Energy, Climate Change, and Environmental Policy – all in 60 minutes or less. Featuring guests, interviews, documentary reviews, and listener interaction. Hosted by Matt Norden and produced by Nick Gennusa. Coming to you weekly starting June 4, 2021!

Grounded: a Podcast by the Oregon Department of Energy

  • Publisher: State of Oregon
  • Total Episodes: 31

Grounded is a podcast by the Oregon Department of Energy. Here on Grounded, we’re talking energy in the Beaver State – from renewable energy and the history of nuclear power… to utilities, businesses, nonprofits, schools, and Oregon families going green and making a difference.

Beyond The Meter

  • Publisher: Smart Energy Decisions
  • Total Episodes: 14

Beyond the Meter addresses timely topics of interest to executives responsible for renewable energy procurement and distributed energy resources at Fortune 1000 companies, higher education and cities. Each episode delivers insights and information that listeners can use to make smarter energy decisions beyond the meter.

Mission Shunya

  • Publisher: Girish Shivakumar
  • Total Episodes: 55

Mission Shunya (Shunya=Zero) is all about the transition to a zero carbon economy. The podcast features conversations related to clean-tech and sustainability. A new podcast episode is released every fortnight. Experts from around the world are featured along with people whose businesses and actions are having a positive impact and aims to inspire every individual take action to do their bit for the planet. Renewable energy, electric vehicles, sustainable development, climate change, circular economy are just a few of the topics that will be covered. Pics Credit – Unsplash | Guests

Purple is the New Green

  • Publisher: Nel Hydrogen
  • Total Episodes: 8

Diving into everything there is to know about renewable hydrogen, this is ‘purple is the new green’, a Nel Hydrogen podcast. Join us as we talk about hydrogen: the energy carrier of the future, already available today.

The Energy Gang

  • Publisher: Greentech Media
  • Total Episodes: 377

Looking to understand the fast-changing world of energy? Every week, we debate and discuss the latest trends in energy, cleantech, renewables, and the environment. Join us as we explore the forces transforming energy markets in America and around the world.

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