20 Best Podcasts About Sustainable Building of 2021

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Are you wanting to learn more about sustainable building? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best sustainable building podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

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Best Sustainable Building Podcasts 2021

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  • Publisher: Amie McNee
  • Total Episodes: 62

A podcast about building a sustainable creative life. A place to take your art seriously where you can go to reflect on your journey and build a thriving creative practice.

Building Championship Mindsets

  • Publisher: Dr. Amber Selking
  • Total Episodes: 172

Building Championship Mindsets the Podcast is hosted by Dr. Amber Selking, and features guests from the athletic and corporate worlds who share how they leverage the mental game to drive performance excellence. In each episode, Dr. Amber shares insights on how the brain works and coaches listeners to continue Building their Championship Mindset. Coach Lou Holtz, a friend, mentor, and colleague of Amber’s, not only proudly endorses “Building Championship Mindsets. | the Podcast” but also serves as a featured guest in upcoming seasons. Featured guests will share their experiences, applications, and performance impact of Building Championship Mindsets, and the importance of training the mind for sustainable success.

Matt Report – For the resilient digital business builder

  • Publisher: Matt Medeiros
  • Total Episodes: 34

Clarity for your digital business. Matt Report episodes uncover the most resilient digital business builders in the digital, WordPress, SaaS, and no-code space. If you’re building a sustainable online brand or business, this is the best podcast to follow. Featuring guests like: This week in Startup’s Jason Calacanis, Automattic’s Matt Mullenweg, Startups for the Rest of Us Rob Walling, and Copyblogger’s Brian Clark.

The All American Actor’s Podcast

  • Publisher: Katherine Beck
  • Total Episodes: 28

You want to be a Working Actor but when it comes to building a sustainable career it takes more than just talent to book you the role. Join Katherine Beck (your All American Accent Coach) for a ‘behind-the-scenes’ perspective on how to thrive in this biz we call showbiz.

The Thriving Farmer Podcast

  • Publisher: Michael Kilpatrick
  • Total Episodes: 127

If you’re looking to build a profitable farm that works, The Thriving Farmer Podcast is for you. Learn the latest tricks and strategies from successful farmers, strategize with in-depth interviews with leaders in the industry, and connect with stories of farmers just like you. With over 15 years of farming background, your host Michael Kilpatrick has the experience and authority to bring you practical advice, ask the hard questions, tease out the gold nuggets, and help share what it’s really like to build a truly profitable, sustainable farm. In the interviews, we focus on building farms that last, setting up your systems, knowing your customers, building your team, and treading that ever-challenging work/family/life balance.

GreenBuildingAdvisor.com’s Green Architects’ Lounge

  • Publisher: Chris Briley and Phil Kaplan
  • Total Episodes: 31

Green building experts with practical hands-on how-to info on energy efficiency, sustainable products and integrated design

Anatomy of an Artist

  • Publisher: VÉRITÉ
  • Total Episodes: 19

A podcast hosted by VÉRITÉ about people, the art they create and the business behind their art. Anatomy of an Artist is a series of conversations with artists, producers, songwriters and creatives who are balancing living, creating their art and building a sustainable business. On this podcast VÉRITÉ pulls back the curtain on the industry challenging what you think it’s like to build a life and career as a creative and sharing stories about how it actually gets done.

Flourish to 7 Figures Podcast: Growing Your Online Business to 7 Figures and Beyond

  • Publisher: Monica Louie
  • Total Episodes: 103

Welcome to the Flourish to 7 Figures Podcast! I’m your host, Monica Louie. This podcast is all about what it really takes to build a seven-figure business! Together, we’ll explore the many variables of a sustainable and successful business, including mindset, strategies, personal development, funnels, time management, growing your team, scaling your business, building your list, and of course, using Facebook and Instagram ads to connect with your ideal audience! Each week, we’ll sit down with entrepreneurs to hear their stories of challenge and triumph, and I’ll share my own journey as I grow a thriving 7-figure business. Let’s grow your business, amplify your impact, and scale your profits by building a sustainable and successful business — without the hustle!

Business Magic with Maggie Giele

  • Publisher: Maggie Giele
  • Total Episodes: 59

Actionable steps and inspiring stories of overcoming challenges on sales, strategy and marketing to building a profitable, sustainable and scaleable online business. Make your business feel + work like magic for you, and those you want to impact – without burnout, without overwhelm and without a magic wand.

Holding Space For Therapists

  • Publisher: Dr. Cassidy Freitas
  • Total Episodes: 21

This podcast is for all the therapists out there, the healers and holders of space, who are hoping to build or grow a modern private practice. Dr. Cassidy Freitas and her guests hold your hand as you navigate owning a business as a clinician and support you in building a profitable, sustainable, and meaningful private practice, all with a modern twist!

Build Green Live Green

  • Publisher: CaraGreen
  • Total Episodes: 64

Discover how you can “green” your life by building a knowledge base of current sustainable and eco-savvy trends. This series will delve into hot topics, current standards and practices, ways to design better spaces, and specify materials that benefit not only us, as consumers, but the entire global community. Follow us on instagram @caragreenproducts to learn more about sustainable news, events, and get inspiration for healthy designs!

The CEO Teacher Podcast

  • Publisher: Kayse Morris
  • Total Episodes: 132

The CEO Teacher Podcast was created to speak to educators about taking their best asset in the classroom and using that to create a sustainable online business. Hear from real teachers building real online teacher empires. Kayse teaches every other Wednesday and interviews celebrity/real teachers in between her lessons to showcase their business strategies. Kayse Morris, founder of The CEO Teacher Academy, has built a 7-figure a year business teaching educators how to create, market, and scale their resources with an online course or membership. She firmly believes that any educator has the skillset to become the CEO of their own business and create a life they’ve always dreamed of living. Through this teacher-focused podcast, you will hear from REAL teachers on their own personal business journey, but with one main thing in common…impact.

Hack the Process: Mindful Meaningful Progress on Your Plans

  • Publisher: M. David Green
  • Total Episodes: 202

Hack the Process is a podcast about taking action on your plans, and building your business, your career, and your life around sustainable and satisfying systems that support mindful and meaningful progress.

DIY Musician Podcast

  • Publisher: CD Baby
  • Total Episodes: 120

Making music has never been easier, but building a music career today is altogether different. Finding the right audience for your music takes an entrepreneurial mindset, a lot of hard work, and a willingness to experiment. The DIY Musician Podcast features interviews with artists of all styles and backgrounds who’ve found a unique but authentic pathway to success, as well as in-depth discussions with music publicists, promoters, lawyers, publishers, talent buyers, and more. This podcast is geared towards independent musicians who want to build a sustainable music career without giving up (too much) financial or creative control. Hosts Kevin and Chris work with hundreds of thousands of artists at CD Baby, and are actively releasing and promoting their own music too; they’re part of the same community they’re helping to educate and encourage with each new episode.

The Circle of Competence Podcast

  • Publisher: The Circle of Competence Podcast
  • Total Episodes: 32

The Circle of Competence Podcast focuses on the nexus between entrepreneurship and investing, and explores each guest’s journey of buying, building, and operating businesses. From real estate to technology to small business investing and more, this podcast will be a wide-ranging exploration of what it takes to build a sustainable operation in today’s competitive world. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-circle-of-competence/support

Sustainable Ambition

  • Publisher: Kathy Oneto
  • Total Episodes: 18

What if you could have more fulfillment and ease in your professional and personal life and still be ambitious? Join Kathy Oneto, founder of Sustainable Ambition, for conversations with experts, authors, and friends on what it means to live with Sustainable Ambition. Learn concepts, tips, and tools to find Right Success, Right Aspiration, and Right Effort to craft a fulfilling career, on your terms, while still being ambitious and avoiding burnout. Learn more to help you craft your career to support your life from decade to decade. And remember, it’s not about finding work-life balance. It’s about creating personal reward, cultivating a regenerative career, and building work-life resilience. Subscribe now so you don’t miss an episode. View show notes at SustainableAmbition.com/podcast Get your FREE Sustainable Ambition Self-Assessment at SustainableAmbition.com/saselfassessment Take the Sustainable Ambition listener survey at SustainableAmbition.com/podcastsurvey

Ask a Sustainable Builder

  • Publisher: Maureen Ciaccio
  • Total Episodes: 7

This podcast is for people who want to understand options for custom homes and renovating that will reduce their carbon footprint. Some call it green building, some high performance and others, sustainable building. If you want to understand building science concepts and lingo in a conversational way, then join us as I interview everyday builders, architects, materials suppliers and people who enjoy living in high performance homes. This will be a great start on your journey to sustainable choices in home building and renovation.

Book Club with Jeffrey Sachs

  • Publisher: The SDG Academy
  • Total Episodes: 3

Join world-renowned economist and Columbia University Professor Jeffrey Sachs for lively conversations with the authors of scintillating, inspiring and remarkably important books about history, social justice, and the challenges of building a decent world. Learn more and get involved at bookclubwithjeffreysachs.org. The Book Club with Jeffrey Sachs is brought to you by the SDG Academy, an initiative of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

Makin’ Bacon: Serve Your Fans. Grow Your Income.

  • Publisher: Jason Logsdon, Marie Fiebach
  • Total Episodes: 58

Makin’ Bacon helps food bloggers serve their Fans, grow their income, and get the most from their blogs. Bringing in readers is only half the battle, making money is also crucial to building a sustainable blog. Listen to top experts share the secret ingredients that turned their blogs into a business. So you too can start Makin’ Bacon!

Solving Water: A Xylem Podcast

  • Publisher: Xylem, Inc.
  • Total Episodes: 76

Solving Water wades into the trending topics, technology and behind-the-scenes stories from our work addressing water needs around the world. Each episode, Xylem experts and industry thought leaders discuss water challenges and solutions as they apply to our wide range of applications – from commercial building systems, residential, rural and agricultural technology, water utilities, wastewater treatment and more – and how Xylem is helping make water more efficient, safe and sustainable for all. Join us to learn how #LetsSolveWater comes to life at Xylem every day.

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