3 Ways to Accessorize a Plain Dress

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 You just got yourself a great casual dress and want to present yourself greatly in it? Accessorizing your look is the key factor in here. By adding some details to your outfit you can really make it look better! Here you can find 3 ways to accessorize a plain dress.

Jewellery is the queen of details! It can really highlight your outfit and make it totally sophisticated. You can choose either a minimal set, great big stone necklace, flower brooch or sophisticated ropes of pearls. On pearlsofjoy.com you can find great pieces that will surely add a fresh, classy look to your dress and make you feel confident. Remember to know the limit. Too much jewellery is never a good idea.

Do your hair! Having different hairstyle can refresh your look and add some spiciness to it. Pinup your hair, make beach waves or straighten it and add some cool details. You can choose plenty of different hairpins or hair bands that can make your plain dress look just lovely! You can pin up your hair in a ponytail and add a stylish velvet scrunchie to it. Another great way is using a hair clip. Hair looks great from the back, your neck is perfectly exposed and your dress attracts great attention.

Shoes and bags have absolute power in changing your look style. Pick the right ones matching to the place you wanna wear your outfit. If you want to spend the night out, match your plain dress with sexy-looking high heels and a shiny clutch. If on the other hand, you prefer to look casual, go for a shopping bag and some comfy sneakers. If you wanna rock the show, put on heavy boots and a vintage leather bag. Either way, wearing a nail polisher that matches the color of your dress will definitely boost your look, you can find a lot of choices for nail polishers on sites like Coteshop. These accessories can really change the character of your dress.

If you want to give your plain dress different types of looks, play with these accessories and enjoy your unique outfit!

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