39 Empowering Books to Improve Your Life

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This article showcases our top picks for the best ‘Life Empowering Books’. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). 

We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

This product was recommended by Gerardo Juarez from Sheep Buy Inc

It’s one of the most inspiring self-help book to all of us in this life. You will find the answers you were looking for such as how can I change my life to a better one, how can I live the life I really imagine and want and even how to make more money! Moreover, this book is way more simple compared to the other self-help books, the included-exercises are easy to apply and also, many beneficial tips are included in its pages. Great Book!

Self Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson

This product was recommended by Muhammad Mateen Khan from PureVPN

Self-Reliance was first published in 1841 in his collection, Essays: First Series. The essay, for which Emerson is perhaps the most well known, contains the most thorough statement of Emerson’s emphasis on the need for individuals to avoid conformity and false consistency, and instead follow their own instincts and ideas. The essay illustrates Emerson’s finesse for synthesizing and translating classical philosophy (e.g., self-rule in Stoicism, the Bildung of Goethe, and the revolution of Kant) into accessible language, and for demonstrating its relevance to everyday life.

Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz

This product was recommended by Martin Caparrotta from Human Window

Psycho-Cybernetics is an iconic book which explains how to use your subconscious mind to tap into your potential. Specifically, it covers how to improve your self-image, focus on your positive past, set and achieve worthwhile goals and cultivate the power of rational thinking. Endorsed by the likes of Tony Robbins, this book is a must-have for anybody looking to make a positive change in their lives.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey

This product was recommended by Rhiannon Moore from Evopure

This is a book all about creating an effective life, living by principles, how to achieve your goals, and working synergistically with others to create a better world for everyone. It goes through 7 habits, starting with private habits, then going into public habits, before you learn how to ‘sharpen the saw’ and continue using the advice Covey gives. The habits aren’t ‘drink water’, and ‘exercise’. They’re far deeper, and encourage you to look deep into your personality, relationships and goals to make deep, meaningful changes.

One Thousand Wells by Jena Lee Nardella

This product was recommended by Alex Perkins from All the Stuff

This book may teach you of what life is when you started to love yourself and the people that surrounds you. You will be inspired to pursue your passion and do what you love even if the odds are against you. You’ll have time to reflect on things and will make you inspire to do more and create positive changes in yourself and in the environment that you are in.

Design Your Dream Life by Denise Walsh

This product was recommended by Denise Walsh from DeniseWalsh

We all desire more out of life. Whether it’s improving our health, bettering our career or finding true love – we all have unrealized desires. In the Design Your Dream Life workbook, you’ll find over 200 pages of neuroscience, scripture & personal stories that will guide you toward finally realizing the life of your dreams.

Charlotte’s Web by E. B White

This product was recommended by James Bullard from SoundFro

This product greatly shaped my vision of the true meaning of friendship. This taught me that a true friend wouldn’t just save your life: a true friend would show you the value of life and the worth of even the simplest things around you. Every time I feel down about life, I always read this book. It never fails to guide me to see the beauty of each moment of this life.

Self-Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson

This product was recommended by Matthew Dailly from Tiger Financial

This book, while not easy to read, is incredible and gives a lot of insight and wisdom. The fact that it was written quite some time ago allows us to take a peek into that time period, but also allows us to learn what philosophies some were teaching and following. There is a lot you can take from this book that will not only improve aspects of your life, but can also help you with business. There are commentary tracks to aid with this reading and they are well worth it. It may be a difficult read, but it is a worthy one.’

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

This product was recommended by Andrew Roderick from Credit Repair Companies

Words cannot describe how much this book has helped me. I must have reread it multiple times just so I can keep motivated and have a want to work. This book didn’t only teach me how to be productive and be creative in my day-to-day problem solving, bust also helped me to have a want to work rather than a need. I cannot recommend this book enough, whether you want to get things done but lack the motivation or need to do something and lack the passion.

Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins

This product was recommended by Michael Lowe from Car Passionate

There aren’t many books like this one. A lot of what is written is something you may already know, but hearing someone else say it reaffirms your behaviour and can help you to snap out of bad ones knowing that others know the damage. It’s a very enthusiastic book, embracing and celebrating each step you take to your journey of self improvement. It is quite a lengthy book and may be best to read over a few days, but I feel like it is best because it gives you time to digest each part of it and slowly incorporate the lessons one at a time.’

Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

This product was recommended by Aaron Simmons from TestPrepGenie

This has always been my go-to book. Wherever I am, I always have it in my bag. The entirety of its story is enough to enlighten anyone about the value of time, life, and moments with other people — be it a loved one, a friend, or a stranger. Until now, this book still affects my belief about a person’s life and how our actions would affect even the life of those we see as strangers.

How To Crush Self-Doubt and Gain Real Confidence, by Corrina Thurston

This product was recommended by Corrina Thurston from Find Your Happiness

This book is full of insight and practical advice for anyone who has ever felt that internal tug and weight of self-doubt. From general tips that can be done on the spot to aha moments and thoughts to ponder, it covers all the bases. It’s written by someone who used to have panic attacks daily, who has used these techniques herself. These practices and techniques and epiphanies have been so life-changing that she now teaches workshops, recently gave a TED Talk, and runs her own business.

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten by Robert Fulghum

This product was recommended by James Kilpatrick from BeanieCoffee

This book would help you to learn your manners and value the lessons of life by looking and observing the details of the world around you. Fulghum related his beliefs to the most unvalued situations, things, and stories we are encountering in our everyday lives. I love how he found beauty and value among typical situations in life that most of us ignore.

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

This product was recommended by Alicia Hough from The Product Analyst

First published in 1992, this book is a classic when it comes to empowering your life, especially for those who are born for the art. It’s timely and timeless because since then, creativity is underestimated for you can’t earn from it, but this book totally negates that statement. It tells us how passion for these things creates a meaningful world. It also guides its readers on a one-of-a-kind journey that will bring out the artist and spirituality in you, as you also express your individuality through this book.

Heart Centered Pregnancy Journal by Nikki Shaheed

This product was recommended by Nikki Shaheed from NikkiShaheed

Heart Centered Pregnancy Journal was written with the belief that parents have the tools and wisdom within them to get through birth. They don’t need someone to give them all the answers; they need a guide to help them find the resources within. This interactive journal helps expecting parents identify and examine the beliefs they hold that could affect them during birth. Heart Centered Pregnancy Journal awaken the attributes that pregnant parents need to come through this journey with their self-compassion intact: resilience, flexibility, and connection.

Grit by Angela Duckworth

This product was recommended by Sara Tea from SaraTea

So many books focus on a list or techniques but this one simply shares statistics and stories of how to KEEP GOING. Others focus on why you aren’t succeeding but this one encourages the skills to continue on. Considering I’m continuing to create and work in the music industry as a woman after forty this is incredibly helpful advice.

REPLY ALL…and Other Ways to Tank Your Career by Richie Frieman

This product was recommended by Richie Frieman from RichieFrieman

Ever wonder what top level CEOs and employers are really thinking? Do you think a degree is the ONLY thing that matters for success? As the world renowned manners and etiquette coach, Modern Manners Guy, I was one of the foremost experts on business etiquette. My column was downloaded over 10 million times, in over 200 countries, covering etiquette guidelines for everything from love and romance, gift giving, formal occasions like weddings and parties to workplace, dating and much, much more. Regarding life empowering books, my book REPLY ALL… And Other Ways To Tank Your Career is an entertaining and thoughtful book that allows people to hear from top level CEOs, entrepreneurs and entertainers about what to do and not do regarding business etiquette. REPLY ALL was a BEST SELLER in three different categories; Business Etiquette as #1 (which is its main market), Business Lifestyle as #1 and Self-Help & Psychology Humor as #1 (even surpassing Diary of A Wimpy Kid and The Last Lecture). I hold back no punches and always tell it how it should be said. I gathered quotes, stories, and anecdotes from all kinds of people and assembled those pieces into a lighthearted but pointed—helpful, in other words—handbook on manners in the workplace. From job-interview etiquette to socializing at work and even workplace romances, his discussions pull the quotes and stories he has gathered in each chapter into a section called The Pros Weigh In. These sections are followed by top 10 tips, which are presented in more than just list format. Office workers should remember this important point: Nowadays it’s pretty normal for people to transition to a different profession at least a few times in their working life. In other words, you gotta get along, over and over. Hopefully this works for you!

The End of Average by Todd Rose

This product was recommended by Sumayya Essack from Curate the Future

Starting in childhood, our potential is constantly measured against averages throughout our educational and work systems (such as grades, test scores, and performance reviews) so much that we hardly question it. This standardization affects opportunities and self esteem, and it ignores our individuality. In The End of Average, Todd Rose blows up the concept of average, showing why it is scientifically wrong when it comes to measuring human potential. It’s an empowering new view countering the self-judgment that comes from internalizing how others have decided we measure up. It shows us how to instead embrace our individuality and be less concerned about how we compare to others.

The Road to Character, by David Brooks

This product was recommended by Sumayya Essack from Curate the Future

We live in a society obsessed with external markers of success: professional status, wealth, fame, achievement. So much of our energy and time is dedicated to advancing what our resumes say about us, and for many it’s an endless hamster wheel that causes enormous stress. Brooks encourages a shift to emphasize the development of our inner qualities, such as kindness, self-discipline, courage. Whether you are exhausted or disappointed by the quest for external success, this shift in perspective empowers us to reprioritize our character – not only our successes – as just as valuable.

Notivation by Dr. Kristen Kahle

This product was recommended by Heather Elle from HeatherElle

No nonsense, real and covers topics every woman faces — rejection, loss and being thought of as less than just because you are a woman. The difference lies not in what you face but how you handle your challenges. Dr. K shows you how to meet those NOs and turn them into a gift.

The Middle Fing#r Pr*ject by Ash Ambirge

This product was recommended by Heather Elle from HeatherElle

The Middle Finger Project Book

This is as real as it gets. I recommend this book to my clients who feel stuck, lost or otherwise playdough of other people’s expectations. Ambirge shows you that the only expectations that matter in your life, are your own. You got this – permission to be unapologetically YOU.

The Bright Hour by Nina Riggs

This product was recommended by Robert Smith from Voxtab

This book has everything. It’s funny, heartbreaking, clear-sighted, and entirely devoid of banality and a treasure for many.

Sabotage by Emma Gannon

This product was recommended by Jaime David from JaimeDavid

We all have a relationship with self-sabotage, a tendency to put barriers in the way of our progression and our happiness – at home and at work, both on and offline. Sabotage is a book about challenging these behaviours, digging a little deeper into why that unhelpful voice can creep up on us. Procrastination, jealousy, inner critic: how can we overcome these obstacles? How do we stop getting in our own way? Exploring real-life stories of success and setbacks from leading cultural voices, Emma Gannon searches for experiences, solutions and ways to look differently at what’s really holding us back.

You Are Intuitive by Natalie Miles

This product was recommended by Jaime David from JaimeDavid

How would it feel to trust that you are on the right path, no matter what? To feel fully empowered to make the choices you know are right for you? The truth is, we all possess the intuitive abilities to live like this—but in a world where we’re told the answers lie outside of us, we have forgotten how to use them. Or have they been taken from us? This is the question posed by professional intuitive Natalie Miles in her debut book, You Are Intuitive: Trust Your Truth. Take Back Your Power. A message that has never felt so timely. As society undergoes a seismic shift and existing power structures topple and fall, it is time to reclaim our agency as active participants in our lives, and in the world. You Are Intuitive is also a rallying cry to stand in your truth, take back your power, and be a force for change.

Atomic Habits by James Clear

This product was recommended by Bruce Harpham from BruceHarpham

Many of us want to change our life in January – read more, exercise more or save more money. Yet, nobody tells us how to make these habits work. Clear’s book provides a simple, empowering model to make change easy. I like that he shows specific techniques to make habits easier (e.g. say when you will do the habit like this “I will do 50 pushups in the morning while waiting for my coffee to brew”). My favorite story from the book was a sales professional who made a habit to call a set number of prospects every single workday. He moved paper clips from one container to another after making each call. By focusing on that habit, he built a successful book of business.

Master Your Emotions by Thibaut Meurisse

This product was recommended by Cindy Sosa Sanchez from WeBuyHousesCashDMV

This book changed my perspective as I reflected on past experiences. It helped me take a deep dive and understand why certain situations made me react a certain way. Most importantly it taught me how to take control of my emotions when life throws curb balls at me. Learning how to control my emotions is critical for my health and to my business as an entrepreneur. I owe that understanding to this book.

The Gift by Edith Eva Eger

This product was recommended by Randy Vandervaate from Funeral Funds

The Gift by Edith Eva Eger is one of my favorite life empowering books. Dr. Eger explains the different imprisoning beliefs, such as fear, anger, grief, guilt, and shame. The Gift is filled with practical and inspirational stories to life people to new levels and to heal past life events. This book candidly explains the things in life that keep us imprisoned. Dr. Eger explains how to stop destructive thoughts so that we can free our minds, enjoy life, and experience more happiness. This book is filled with insight, empathy, and humor. Everybody can be empowered by reading this book about mental health and self-care.

Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert

This product was recommended by Kimberly Smith from Clarify Capital

Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert, is my go-to when someone asks for a recommendation on an empowering and life-changing book. The main theme throughout the novel is leading with excitement over fear. I think many of us have much to gain from implementing more of that philosophy in our day-to-day decisions and perspective.

The Healing Power of Humor by Allen Klein

This product was recommended by Allen Klein from AllenKlein

In these challenging times, one of our best coping mechanisms is our sense of humor. When we can find something to laugh about in a stressful situation, we get a new perspective and rise above it. This quintessential book in the therapeutic humor field will provide 14 techniques, as the sub-title says, “for getting through loss, setbacks, upsets, disappointments, difficulties, trials, tribulations, and all that not-so-funny stuff.

What I Know for Sure by Oprah Winfrey

This product was recommended by Taylor Roberts from MoversChicago

I have recommended the book What I Know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey for a number of years. This book encourages readers to create the life they want by constantly pursuing excellence, always practicing gratitude, and using negative experiences to grow and become stronger versions of themselves. This book is perfect for the teenager that is bored with life and needs direction in their life or the recent college graduate that is still trying to find their way.

The Power Shift by Elle Wilson

This product was recommended by Kira Grant from TrueBrow™

The Power Shift: 5 Principles That Will Change Your Life by [Elle Wilson]

This book was a #1 Amazon Best Seller in both Australia and the USA. In a world where advice, information, and theories are abundant, The Power Shift is like a breath of fresh air, stepping away from the new age movement and seeing the real results of miracles and happiness in our homes and everyday lives. Wilson provides insight into how The Power Shift phenomena is truly bringing together the ancient codes and laws into our everyday lives, resolving our problems with a deeper honesty and love, and enhancing and building the relationships with those around us.

The Power Of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale

This product was recommended by Sonya Schwartz from Her Norm

I recommend this book because it helps spark a whole new genre of self-help philosophy and the teaching of positive thinking helps our lives change for the better.

59 seconds by Richard Wiseman

This product was recommended by Sonya Schwartz from Her Norm

I recommend this book because it is uplifting and inspirational that helps us transform the way we think and provide quick techniques to achieve our goal.

The Art of Possibility by Rosamund Stone Zander

This product was recommended by Shari Smith from Shari – Sells

This book is written by two musicians who have a great love for music and want the world to know it. It contains a lot of positive things that will eventually change your perspective about life. It also teaches the user how to be a leader and how to be satisfied when it comes to your professional and personal life. It can be bought paperback or hardbound; this book will surely make you view life in a different positive way.

Life After Bullying by Lotte W. Vesterli

This product was recommended by Lotte W. Vesterli from Life After Bullying

This book follows the author’s personal journey from bullying victim to international speaker, author, and coach. It explains how bullying and its torturous consequences linger for many years and affects the victim mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Through clearly explained exercises and inspirational stories from the author’s own journey, the reader is guided along a self-healing path to success. The book also contains an extensive toolbox of techniques anyone can use to improve their life and well-being. This is the book I couldn’t find when I suffered from anxiety and low self-esteem caused by severe childhood bullying. I had to struggle through on my own and wrote this book to help others complete this journey faster.

What’s Your Shine? by Claudia Beeny

This product was recommended by Claudia Beeny from House of Shine

Imagine a world focused more on what is right than what is wrong, on what we have than what we don’t, and on what is good than what is bad. Where young people show up to school eager to learn because their education is linked to their passions. Where parents worry less about engineering achievements for their kids and more about letting boredom organically evolve into exploration. Where leaders imagine every room they enter as a vault of resources and see their job as choreographing employees’ diverse talents. Where careers don’t feel like obligations, but opportunities. Where community service is a given as members enthusiastically lend their unique skills to meeting their neighbors’ needs. And it all begins with you. Everyone has a unique combination of strengths, hobbies, interests, need, and experiences—your Shine. It is the light you bring to the world. This book will help you find yours. Prepare for a life of greater happiness, fulfillment, success, and satisfaction. A life where you are tuned in to your strengths and passions, and where you know how to apply your unique gifts to help make the world a better place. Prepare to Shine!

The Moment of Lift by Melinda Gates

This product was recommended by Aqsa Tabassam from Simpl Fulfillment

Melinda Gates talks about the empowerment of women; she believes that empowering women is equal to empowering humanity. She has been working hard to seek a solution about those who need help on an immediate basis, no matter where on earth they reside. A society can never be raised up if the women there are not progressing. It’s a very compelling book, where Melinda talks about her lifetime experiences and the inspiring people she met during the journey. These people gave her hope, motivation, and all the required elements to keep her going. She says we should lookout for ways to empower women. She also focused on women’s issues, which become a hurdle in women’s progress, such as child marriages and gender discrimination. It’s an ideal book of empowerment because Melinda has written it gracefully and emotionally.

Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht

This product was recommended by Lisa Arlington from Gifts Nerd LLC

The book is written by Aliza Licht who talks about her success secrets in the book. She mentioned her life-time experiences and life lessons in the book. The book is perfect for everyone who needs improvement and guidance at a professional and personal level. Ideally, newbies or people who are just taking the start of their careers can benefit from this book. Aliza emphasizes on being knowledgeable while you are working and the ability to be aware of the potential that you have. If you are able to find out about your true potential you can achieve greater success at a personal and professional level.

Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

This product was recommended by Phil Crippen from John Adams IT.

The author of the book says that if you don’t have any idea about your life or are not happy with it, you could take advantage of it. It is a life-changing book; it clears our misconceptions and lies that could really affect our productivity and happiness level. Rachel has mentioned the real problems of life and the strategies that can help you overcome these obstacles. The book encourages the reader, entertains, and motivates them to do better and real in life. Joyness should be the priority of life because only then you will be able to live with your passion. The book is for all those, especially for women who need constant motivation to keep going without giving up.

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