4 Crucial Things To Know Before Planting a Tree in Your Yard

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4 Crucial Things To Know Before Planting a Tree in Your Yard

Trees are at the core of our environmental conservation efforts. Planting a tree on your property provides you with cleaner air and shade and supplies your local ecosystem with everything it needs to sustain itself. But there’s more that goes into planting a tree than homeowners may think, and making the wrong choices can affect your success. These are a few important things to know before planting a tree near your home.

The Type of Your Yard Soil

Make sure that you understand what type of soil you have in your yard before choosing a tree. Soil can contain different minerals depending on where you live, and certain species will respond better to these substances than others. Knowing the content of your soil is the key to choosing a tree that’ll thrive in that specific environment. If you’re struggling to find out what type of soil is native to your area, reach out to a local gardening center or arborist.

What Species You Want

This is another thing to know before planting a tree: the kind that you want. Even after narrowing down your tree selection based on soil preference, you can still end up with hundreds of options. Make sure you consider factors like a tree’s size, color, and fruiting capabilities before you make the purchase. You can also consider how much privacy and shade it will provide.

Where to Plant It

Next, you’ll want to determine the best place to plant your tree. Planting a tree too close to other things can result in some property management problems. For instance, placing your tree near your home’s plumbing lines can cause roots to grow into your pipes. Even the trees you currently have could cause issues with your plumbing. Keeping an eye out for the signs can help you prevent the need for future repairs.

The Planting Technique You’ll Use

Lastly, you should understand how to plant your specific tree. In many cases, it isn’t enough to dig a large hole and place your tree inside of it. Believe it or not, this can cause the roots to confine themselves to a limited space—which makes them unstable and can cause the tree to tip over. Instead, take the time to break up the collection of roots in the pot before transferring the tree to the ground. This will encourage the plant to spread its roots and establish a strong foundation.

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