5 Eco-Friendly Paint Brands for Your Next Home Project

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5 Eco-Friendly Paint Brands for Your Next Home Project

When you plan a home improvement project, the last thing you want to worry about is the toxicity of your chosen paint. Between needing to choose the color, finish, and location of the project, adding a fresh coat of paint to a room can quickly become anything but a simple process. Take one worry out of the equation and use one of these eco-friendly paint brands for your next painting job.

Earth Pigments

Mineral and plant-based pigments have become more common for home painting projects. These materials are sustainably harvested from nature and don’t release the volatile organic compounds that conventional paints do. Earth Pigments offers a wide selection of natural, rich colors in hues such as ocher, sienna, and cyprus green.


With solvent-free, zero-VOC paints in their product line, Bioshield has become known for the versatility of their pigments. They offer products for a series of projects including interior painting, exterior painting, and even wood staining. These paints are non-toxic, which are perfect for a family setting.

Ecos Paint

Ecos Paint’s line of organic paints is water-based and free of non-natural solvents, VOCs, and toxins. They’re odor and fume free, so you’ll get the look and finish you want without the smell and light-headedness associated with regular paint. This brand is commonly used by those with chronic allergies because it doesn’t aggravate their symptoms as much.


This Home Depot brand is known for its high-quality paints in a plethora of custom colors. Now, you can enjoy these benefits without the chemical fumes of standard products. Behr’s premium plus line is zero-VOC and comes in five traditional finishes for you to choose from. These paints are also a two-in-one paint and primer, which speeds up the painting process.

Sherwin-Williams Harmony

This brand is among the most popular in the painting industry, and it’s often used by both DIY painters and professionals alike. Their Harmony line does not contain VOCs and have the additional benefit of odor eliminating technology. This ensures that even when you’re in the middle of the project, your home won’t be filled with stuffy paint fumes.

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