6 Everyday Items That Are Harming the Environment

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6 Everyday Items That Are Harming the Environment

We would all like to think we’re doing everything possible to reduce our effects on the environment. No one is perfect, though, and that’s okay to admit. Sometimes, it takes some new information to realize we’ve done something bad for the planet inadvertently. Even the most innocuous things can cause more damage than we realize. Here are a few everyday items that are harming the environment that you can cut out of your life to reduce your effect on the planet.

Old Clothes

Did you know that the fashion industry is one of the world’s worst polluters and consumers of water? New clothes take a ton of water to produce, and many clothes end up in landfills by the end of their life. With some fibers unable to break down naturally, this is terrible for the environment. You have numerous options for reusing clothes if you want to cut back on the pollution.

Coffee Pods

A lot of us need that cup of coffee in the morning to get going. However, if you regularly use single-use coffee pods, you could be harming the environment more than you realize. Made primarily of plastic, thousands upon thousands of these pods show up in landfills every year. They can have incredibly adverse effects on the soil and atmosphere as they sit there.

Flushable Wipes

While very useful, so-called “flushable” wipes are rarely what they claim to be. These wipes can clog up sewer systems and don’t break down when they reach larger bodies of water. More and more people are discovering that this is an everyday item that harms the environment, so alternatives are in the works.


The chemicals in your favorite sunscreen may not be as friendly to the water as you would hope. These harmful chemicals keep showing up in coral reefs, damaging already fragile ecosystems. Consider using more plant-based or natural options to protect yourself from the sun.

Tea Bags

Classic tea bags have a lot to answer for. Despite their papery appearance, many tea bags have plastic components, which prevents them from breaking down in landfills. Left unchecked, they can harm animals and water sources. Switch to loose-leaf tea if you can, or just make sure your tea bags don’t have any plastic in them.

Disposable Razors

If you still use single-use disposable razors, you may want to rethink that decision. Disposable razors are rarely recycled correctly, which causes their plastic and metal portions to end up in landfills or the ocean. Reusable razors will be easier to use and will help protect the planet more.

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