7 Eco Friendly Ant Killer Alternatives Recommended in 2020

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Nobody wants ants in their living space, but when getting rid of your unwanted house-guests why not consider these Eco Friendly alternatives. These options are especially useful if you have pets or children that you want to keep away from potentially harmful chemicals. 

Terro t334 Adhesive Strips

This product was recommended by Rupert Pople from Your Smart Home Guide

One of the top brands considered for Ant Killers is Terro. Their t334 Adhesive Strips are discreet super budget options that attract and kill ants out of sight in a contained manner. The strips are very easy to set up and start working immediately as the ants are drawn towards them.

Green Protect Crawling Insect Trap

This product was recommended by Stephanie Martin from Step(h) into Nature

This eco-friendly ant killer ticks all my boxes. It’s developed with scientists, so actually works, and is insecticide-free, pet-safe and made of recyclable materials. The company’s focus on making all parts of their products eco-friendly gets a big tick from me, and I can confirm that it does actually work!

EarthKind Stay Away Ants

This product was recommended by Sara White from ADinfinitum, Inc.

EarthKind Stay Away Ants harnesses the power of nature to repel ants naturally, effectively, and safely from the home. An eco-friendly alternative to poison and kill methods, Stay Away ants is safe for use around children and pets when used as directed, and is made with Lemongrass, Peppermint and Thyme. Stay Away® Ants pouches should be placed where food particles are present, keeping ants away by emitting a scent pleasant to people, but offensive to ants’ super sensitive scent receptors. Use one pouch anywhere ants go to find food, such as pantries and cupboards, increasing the number of pouches until desired results are obtained. Replace when scent has diminished, typically within 30-60 days.

Orange Guard Home Pest Control

This product was recommended by Melanie Musson from CarInsuranceComparison

Instead of dangerous chemicals, Orange Guard uses orange peels to get rid of ants and other pests. You won’t have to worry about using this with children and pets in the house. It’s completely safe. An added bonus is the refreshing orange scent.

HARRIS New Ant Spray

This product was recommended by Sneha from SkateboardSeek

It is a pet safe product which works excellent on keeping ants away. It has a strong minty herbal smell that dissipates after about a day and its fragrance is better than other chemical killers. The spray is very greasy, oily feeling and doesn’t dry really. The pros for that is when there is an ant invasion typically because they’re goes after your pet food, or other sweet edible stuffs then spray a wide border around it so the ants won’t cross it. The cons are accidentally stepping in it, possibly slipping since its greasy, and more clean up time spent. Sometimes the spray comes out more like droplets, for that push the nozzle all the way down and it sprays easily.

Combat Max Ant Killing Gel

This product was recommended by Daniel Neves from Inoculand Pest Control

As professional pest controllers, we only use the most effective methods of pest control. Ant Gel, such as Combat Max, targets only ants and doesn’t cause any harm to other non-targeted species. Also, the ants do most of the job themselves – once they walk over the gel, they return to their nest and spread it further, causing a domino effect and wiping out the entire colony. The gel remains active for a number of weeks, and is therefore very effective at ridding your household of ants and keeping it protected.

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Upgraded Electronic Indoor Plug in

This product was recommended by Noman Asghar from Fan Jackets

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Amazing new technology that works on ultrasound waves. It repel pests away without killing them, you don’t need any spray, trapper and anything else. Just put it on and see the magic. 100% eco-friendly.

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