7 Practical Factors To Consider When Choosing A New Marijuana Dispensary

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At some point, you might need to look for a new marijuana dispensary. Perhaps you’ve moved to a new location and it’s too inconvenient for you to pass by your favorite dispensary after changing addresses. It may also be that your old dispensary or your tastes have changed and the two no longer match. Finding your new favorite source for marijuana products can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you’re new to an area, but it’s nothing you can’t handle on your own. With a bit of research and maybe a few recommendations from friends and family members, you’ll be able to find the marijuana dispensary in your area that best matches your needs, lifestyle, and budget. Here are a few considerations you should factor into making this selection. 

Price Comparison

Before you choose your next dispensary, you need to have an idea of your options first. It’s a must to research the dispensaries in your area, which should be easy enough since many of them have an active presence online. You can also ask for recommendations from the people you know. After you’ve put together a list, you can then do a price comparison. This is especially helpful if you’re on a budget. In case your moving expenses are claiming most of your spending money, for example, you can start your search for a cannabis dispensary by checking out the cheapest option first. Always remember, though, that good cannabis often comes at a premium. 

Product Variety and Quality

Once you have a priority list of dispensaries to check out, it’s up to you to decide which of these businesses you’ll visit first. People who consume different kinds of marijuana products might prefer a dispensary that they can treat as a one-stop shop where they can pick up all the items they want in one go. You might want to do the same. If so, check out the variety of products that a dispensary offers. At the same time, scrutinize the quality of the items and their effects to see if it’s to your liking and standard. If you have questions about the products, don’t hesitate to ask the shop’s budtender so you can make informed shopping decisions. 

Location and Customer Volume

In many places, weed dispensaries are capable of delivering their goods to customers. If this service is available in the shops you’re checking out, then that’s a plus. But if not or if you prefer to be present while purchasing your stash, then pay attention to the dispensary’s location. Is it easy to get to from your address or on your way home from your workplace? What kind of environment or neighborhood surrounds the dispensary? Plus, how many people are often at the store? Having a lot of customers can be a sign that the cannabis dispensary is well-liked, but it can also mean that you’ll have to wait your turn at the counter during peak hours. 

Operating Schedule

Aside from checking out the dispensary’s location, you also need to take a look at its operating hours. Until what time can you swing by to pick up your purchase? You need to know this in case there are a lot of people and you want to avoid the crowd. In case you need to do a quick run to the dispensary at an odd hour on the weekends, will you be able to get what you want without a hassle? If your favorite store is closed on those days, it’s worth looking into an alternative dispensary. 

Customer Experience

There are plenty of factors that can affect customer experience and satisfaction, and not everyone has the same standards when it comes to customer service. If convenience is of utmost importance to you, check out if the dispensary takes online orders, accepts payments from your preferred payment apps, responds to inquiries within a reasonable period, and does delivery services. If you’re more into weed culture, perhaps the dispensary can direct you to people who are into the same thing. No matter, what your impression of the brand is and the kind of community it fosters should factor into your choice of dispensaries. 

The Budtender

The budtender can help make or break the experience that a dispensary provides its customers. Of course, your preference for a budtender depends on your needs and wants. So what kind of budtender are you looking for? Are you partial to a connoisseur who can recommend new strains and products to try, someone who’s eager to help you make informed purchasing decisions, or someone who keeps a close eye on every step of the process needed to create quality products and maintain a compliant dispensary? Regardless, you should be comfortable with your budtender and be able to foster a trusting relationship with the people who supply your weed. 

License and Insurance

Last but not least, it’s important to check that your choice of marijuana dispensary is licensed and insured. These papers are an indicator of the quality of products that you can expect from the store, and they can also help you avoid any issues that might arise from unregulated and untested products. 

Feel free to add or subtract to this list of factors when comparing the dispensaries on your list of options. Whatever you do, make sure that you have a set standard for your new go-to cannabis dispensary. This way, you can be certain that you’ll have a good experience with your every purchase.

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