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People from all over the world plan and work on moving to the UK with hopes of having jobs they always dreamt of and enjoying all the facilities that they couldn’t have at their home residence. Some want to join their families while others plan to start their lives with their partners. The UK is considered as one of the most visited countries as it offers everything to all its visitors. From great career opportunities to a dynamic culture, the UK offers a dream life for most people. In today’s article, we will discuss permanent residence in the UK and the requirements you need to fulfill to submit your ILR application. So give this article a complete read to get all your questions answered regarding permanent residence in the UK.

Permanent Residence in the UK

Permanent residence status in the UK allows anyone to live and settle in the UK without any restriction of time. Anyone who wants to settle and do a job or start a business in the UK requires this permission to have a life in the UK without any immigration restrictions. This status is required for individuals who are not already UK citizens. The status will be revoked if the permanent residence holder stays outside the UK for more than 2 years continuously.

What is ‘Indefinite Leave to Remain’?

Indefinite Leave to Remain allows its holder to live, study and do a job in the UK without any restrictions.

Eligibility Criteria for Permanent Residence or ILR?

Anyone who resides in the UK for continuous 5 years under any of the following categories is considered to meet the indefinite leave to remain eligibility criteria.

Tier 1 and 2 of the system (point-based), Investors, Businessperson, Ancestry visa holders, Foreign students, Retired person of an independent means, Representative of an overseas media, Private house help in a diplomatic household are all eligible to apply.

Anyone with a close family member as a legal citizen of the UK can also apply for permanent residence or ILR

Eligibility for settlement as a spouse of a UK Citizen

The applicant of the permanent residence as a spouse of a permanent residence must be a government employee (overseas) or have a legal married status with a UK citizen and he or she must be in the UK on a family visa based on British Spouse.

Living together

The applicant needs to prove you are currently living together and will continue to live together after the permanent residence has been allowed. The evidence documents that you might need to submit include a form of joint bank accounts or a joint tenancy agreement.

Life in the UK’ Test

All the applicants of the Permanent residence are required to clear a “Life in the UK test”. It is a simple test that is taken to evaluate the applicant’s knowledge of British life and how well he or she can adhere to it.

English test

It is compulsory for the applicants of permanent residence of the UK whose first language is not English that they clear an English test. It is taken as proof that you have the required knowledge of the English language and have a fluent skill level when it comes to English Communication. It was made compulsory as English is the official language of the UK and one must understand it for dealing with common life matters. A document proving significant qualification in the English Language is considered as an acceptable evidence document.

Proof of finances

You must be financially stable to be eligible for getting permanent residence permission in the UK. The sponsoring partner needs to mention the incomes he or she is currently getting and submit documents to prove that the minimum financial requirement is met to bring your partner to the UK. Following are the minimum income requirements that are mentioned in the law

  • £18,600 per annum when you have no dependents
  • £22,400 per annum if you have a dependent child
  • Additional £2,400 per annum for each dependent child more the limit of 1

Any child below the age of 18 is counted as a dependent and the income requirement will be calculated accordingly except if the child is UK national or Irish National. The income requirements can be met by adding the incomes of both partners. There is no minimum earning requirement for those who are on 2 years or 10 years visas. Acquire Total Law immigration services to get more legal assistance regarding permanent residence in the UK.

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