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The 21st century can be defined as an “Explosion of Gaming Flavors” with online slots games’ innovation, release, and popularity. Gone are the days where every slot was a classic three-reel, and in its place, there are Megaways.

Today if planning to win using real money with slots, we now have jackpots, drops, and wins, and mega bonus buy slots. If not willing to spend a penny, you can take up online demo slots for free on the website. Gamblers can experience the exciting features, the buzzing music in the game soundtracks, and excellent payouts. But, it is only possible with the best online slots you can play using real money!

  • Goblin’s Cave
  • Starburst
  • Sunrise Reels
  • Private Eye
  • Mega Moolah

Goblin’s Cave

The game title brings you to a fantasy land where goblins exist. However, you get social capabilities instead of the overly terrifying and monster goblins you imagine during Halloween. The goblin in this game helps you spin the reels and wears a turtleneck jumper with spectacles adorning his eyes. A single spin on this Playtech game title only costs the player 0.05 to 25 Canadian dollars. Players can hold specific symbols when they spin. It means you can replace the signs of the reels after a spin with those you are having. In most instances, the first round allows players to get several wilds on the first three rows on the screen. If lucky, the symbols match, resulting in a positive outcome, an excellent payout for your real money wager.

The great cave symbols, including the lanterns, the crowns, and the gold coins, are interesting elements players love about the game. However, the “gemstone,” also referred to as the ruby red wild symbol, rewards the player 150x. Don’t forget you can also get a bonus round with pleasant odds and payouts plus an RTP of 94.5%. These elements are the primary reasons the game ranked first as the best slots online; you can use actual cash to play and win a reasonable amount. On JohnSlots statistics, Goblins Cave received 2679 visits between January and august of 2020.


If you love the “Candy Crush Game” or have heard of it, then Starburst is the slots version of the game. Players come into contact with unique symbols such as glittering diamonds. The jewels are the symbols present in this specific game. Winning involves having a whole row of similar gems, for instance, blue sapphires or purple diamonds. The NetEnt slot has a slightly higher RTP than Goblins Cave at 96.1%. Plus, it is a low volatility game title allowing players to win smaller amounts but at a higher frequency.

Another excellent feature is that players can use all ten pay-lines on Starburst regardless of the bet selected. When you go for the maximum offer or pick the least amount in stakes, you still get results in all ten paylines. Also, it has an automatic play version where you only need to press a button and sit back. If you feel tired and want to rest, log into any site using your mobile phone and continue playing Starburst. Plus, the reels’ payouts are both ways, which means the potential for earning a considerable amount is higher with a two-way payout. JohnSlots reports that Starburst received 1683 visits between January and August 2020, making it a second spot in the list for best online slots.

Sunrise Reels

The game Sunrise Reels by Realistic Gaming comes in third with total visits of 1189 on JohnSlots. The popularity arises from the slots game 12,000 credits or offers as a jackpot title. But, the game has no advanced features and, thus, isn’t a progressive jackpot! Also, the sunrise or sunset setting as the game’s backdrop draws people and piques an individual’s curiosity. Imagine playing a game while admiring the sunset and the feeling it brings, and you can relax while earning real money playing Sunrise Reels. Plus, the overall game design mimics the classics with only three reels and five paylines and an RTP of 95.27%. You can play an auto mode allowing the game machine to do everything for you at the press of a button. If not, you can go for manual, where you spin the reels, again and again, awaiting the results.

Private Eye

Private Eye by Microgaming offers a demo version for novice gamblers online and actual money gameplay for professionals. Players will come across crimes and potential suspects, ladies armed with revolvers, and a detective as an investigative game title. Going through the motions involves investigative gameplay. Each acquaintance and mystery solved is a Wild, a Scatter, or a Bonus associated symbol on the game. A single wager can also attract a multiplier of up to 4x the number of spins. With the 243 winning chances spread across the five reels and the 25 paylines on the game, the possibility of snagging a win rises higher.

Another impressive feature about the game is that it features “5 progressive jackpot offers.” These include the following:

  • Mini
  • Minor
  • Major
  • Maxi
  • Grand

Players have to start from the bottom and climb up the ladder with the jackpot offers. Your first jackpot to conquer should be the private eye mini jackpot before you proceed to minor than significant. On the top list for most popular game titles, Private eye takes the fourth position with 1166 visits, a difference of 23 trips from the third-ranking place held by Sunrise Reels.

Mega Moolah

The JohnSlots positions had a close contest with Mega Moolah by Microgaming, taking the fifth position with 1154 visits. The difference between the fourth and fifth positions is only 12 visitors. Mega Moolah often spots jackpots that can go to over 10 million Canadian dollars. Players get a chance to try the mini, minor, central, and Mega Moolah progressive jackpots. In other words, playing Mega Moolah is an endless opportunity to gather real money. It makes the slots almost the best, even while ranking at the fourth position.

The game title has an RTP of 88.12%, has high volatility but excellent wins. You can play on the five reels and experience the bonus games, additional free gaming spins, and wins from 25 pay lines. Plus, you can choose the autoplay mode if you are tired of manually spinning the reels.


There are several factors to consider when choosing reliable slots games. If wishing for a huge payout, then picking a progressive title may be your only way out. But, if you decide to go for frequent wins, choosing a slot like sunrise reels with low volatility and a higher RTP can help you win more. Thus, using the top online slots, you can play for real money anytime.

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