Celebrating Your 30th Birthday While Pregnant – 10 Fun And Safe Things To Do

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Your 30th birthday is unlike any other, especially if you celebrate it while pregnant. A simple dinner over wine might be enough since you don’t want to stay up late at night. And that’s a good starter!

However, you can do a few other things to make your birthday memorable without compromising your baby’s health.

Below are a few of the best ways to celebrate your 30th birthday, even if your baby bump is already showing:

1. Take a babymoon vacation

There’s nothing like a short vacation, especially if you spend it with your family or significant other. A babymoon vacation can take away most of the pressures of pregnancy and will surely help you relax a bit.

Imagine yourself wearing a swimsuit while splashing on the beach or the pool and releasing all that stress. This time might also be one of your last chances to get a vacay since taking care of your newborn baby will undoubtedly take a lot of time on your hands.

Furthermore, if you time it right, you don’t have to worry about getting a vacation leave at work since you can take it during your maternity leave.

Nowadays, some couples prefer to stay in a staycation, especially if they have limited time or don’t want to be frugal. You can also visit each other’s hometown to deliver the good news personally to your parents.

2. Announce your pregnancy with a big reveal

If your birthday falls between the early stages of your pregnancy, you can surprise your family or friends with the news of your pregnancy. Take a picture with your husband with the ultrasound image of your baby. You can also surprise your family or friends with the news of your pregnancy by taking a picture of your husband wearing matching graphic t-shirts with the ultrasound image of your baby.

Celebrate by posting it on your social media account, so everyone dear to you can see the important news. You can also tag people who need to know about your pregnancy, such as your parents, best friends, and potential godparents.

Follow up by inviting them early on the gender reveal or birthday shower in the next few weeks or months.

3. Host a backyard BBQ with family and friends

Who doesn’t love a backyard BBQ? It’s one of the most American ways to celebrate important holidays and occasions. Moreover, it’s cheaper than reserving a few tables at the local restaurant.

Hosting a backyard BBQ is also a great way to gather everyone that matters to you, from friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and relatives. Sharing food, stories, and laughter is priceless and will undoubtedly be a good memory for everyone.

Avoid overeating fried or spicy food during the BBQ party since it might make you feel sick. Meanwhile, some of the most incredible foods to eat when pregnant are leafy greens, eggs, salmon, and sweet potatoes. Hence, you can add them to your menu as a side dish.

4. Plan a Birthday Party hybrid with your baby shower

If you prefer a conventional way to celebrate your 30th year on Earth, a birthday party is the best way. You can enhance the celebration with custom-printed banners to add a personalized touch. Inviting more people will always make it merrier, whether you celebrate it in your home or at a local restaurant that hosts birthdays.

Adding a baby shower can also turn it into a more significant event. This move will save you money by combining two events and give more reason for your guests to attend the celebration.

Since alcohol is not recommended for pregnant women, why not turn it into a tea party? Prepare mocktails or alcohol-free cocktails so you can drink your fill without worrying about your or your baby’s health.

5. Enjoy a spa day with prenatal massage and other chemical-free spa treatments

Being pregnant does not exclude you from visiting a spa. There’s no better way to spend a spa day than with your significant other or closest friend at your side. If you have a daughter or sister, why not bring them too?

Additionally, most spas provide exceptional services for pregnant ladies, such as relaxing prenatal massages. Pregnancy-related aches, pains, and fatigue can be reduced by receiving spa treatments.

To prevent the dangers of overheating, fainting, and dehydration, do not schedule treatments that include jacuzzis, saunas, or hot tubs. Furthermore, avoid treatments that involve harmful chemicals that might harm your unborn child.

Several spas provide birthday celebrants discounts, lessening your wallet’s financial burden.

6. Enjoy a shopping day

Women enjoy shopping so much that our favorite store feels like our second home. It’s a terrific idea to go shopping and to the mall on your birthday if you enjoy doing so. After all, you might be heading out for a date or dinner, so why not use the occasion to make some necessary purchases?

However, it would help if you prioritized buying items relevant to your pregnancy instead of new stylish clothes, makeup, or accessories. Invest in maternity clothes, morning sickness remedies, and prenatal vitamins, as they’ll be helpful later on.

When choosing which maternity clothes are right for you, try putting a fake baby bump underneath it, so you’ll know how it looks. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to buy comfort items such as mattress toppers, leggings, and maternity pillows.

You can also take this opportunity to buy items your newborn baby will need, such as toys, baby clothes, bibs, and bed sheets. If you have money to spare, you can even treat yourself to small items that are easy to carry home.

7. Gender reveal party

Throwing a gender reveal party with your birthday celebration is excellent, especially if many of your friends and relatives are still in the dark about your baby’s gender.

You can simplify the gender reveal presentation by releasing pink or blue balloons. Or you can make it more fun for the children by them hitting a Piñata with colored confetti that tells your baby’s gender.

Consider planning a gender reveal if you have a definitive ultrasound before your birthday. If you already have a name for your baby, you can also distribute giveaways with their name on them.

8. Plan a maternity photoshoot

One of a mother’s most prized experiences is becoming pregnant. Thus, having a family picture shoot is essential. Wear stunning pregnant attire and be self-assured for an incredible shot throughout the session.

It is the ideal time for a photo shoot when you already have a baby bump, which generally appears between 16 and 20 weeks. You may still obtain a birthday shot even if your birthday doesn’t occur during this time by including extras like a “were expecting” banner.

You might also hang birthday balloons to indicate your age. Be sure to send the photoshoot picture to family and friends who wants a copy of them. You can also write a short message of appreciation to the person or their family to make it extra special.

9. Take an art or crafting class with friends

Taking an art or crafting class is more fun than it sounds, especially if you have your besties in them. If you are a first-time mother, you can express yourself and how you feel about pregnancy on a canvas.

You don’t have to be an exceptional artist to take these classes since even beginners are welcome. Furthermore, you can learn something you can use later when your child is born, such as knitting bibs, hats, and booties.

Meanwhile, you can use the art class to teach your growing child about exploring their imagination in the future. Who knows? You might even have a hidden talent for the arts, which can help you earn money by selling your masterpieces.

10. Enjoy a foodie tour in your local city

You will gain weight during pregnancy, and there is no escaping it. Plus, you will have food cravings often, and you must satisfy them. Hence, enjoying a foodie tour in your area is undoubtedly a good idea.

If you have a food you have wanted to try out for so long, this might be the right time to take a bite. Always include a decent portion of healthy proteins such as chicken, turkey, veal, and fish.

Add broccoli, squash, salad greens, and asparagus to your plate. Moderate servings of fruits such as bananas, avocados, mangoes, and grapes are also an excellent addition to your diet.

However, avoid seafood high in mercury, such as marlin, king mackerel, and bigeye tuna. Don’t cook undercooked meat and unpasteurized foods like skim milk and cottage cheese. Finally, avoid excessive coffee and herbal tea.


Celebrating your 30th birthday during your pregnancy should inspire you and make you realize how wonderful life is during this time. Not only will you give life in the coming months, but you are living life to the fullest.

While only celebrating your birthday is great, there is nothing wrong about approaching it differently. If you have the time, energy, and resources to make it extra special, that’s the best move you can make to fulfill your birthday.

Lastly, celebrating birthdays and pregnancy is more fun if surrounded by people who genuinely care for you. After all, our friends and family are an extension of our happiness, and they validate our existence in this world. So live life, and be joyful always.

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