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East Asian-Founded Travel Startups Soaring High in American Market

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We live in an exciting era fueled by creativity and technological innovation, where a diverse range of startups are thriving in different sectors, including the travel industry. Startup founders from minority backgrounds are making significant contributions, particularly those who have East Asian roots. In this article, we will showcase several of these outstanding startups, all of which are operating successfully in the travel industry and have been identified as some of the top startups in their field.

These featured startups serve as excellent role models and offer inspirational success stories for future innovators. They also act as gateways to experiences and services that help consumers better navigate the world of travel. We want to celebrate their commitment to progress, ingenuity, and diverse perspective in an industry that is continuously growing.

Let’s discover these groundbreaking startups and commemorate their unique achievements. Each startup has made an individual imprint in their niche through innovation, thereby transforming and enriching how we travel.


Roamli, founded by East Asian entrepreneurs Bane Srdjevic and Brian Lee, is a Chicago-based startup that provides organizations with marketing tools to create branded experiences that drive revenue and user engagement. Their focus is primarily on apps, B2B, internet software, travel, and wellness. For more information regarding Roamli and for contact details, please visit their website and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


Seek, founded by Giff Carter and Shanna Liu, is a New York-based startup that connects consumers and tastemakers in the consumer leisure sector. The app offers trusted and vetted recommendations on destination spots for leisure activities. Get more information about Seek and how it works on their website and stay connected on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


Emanating from Boston, Floqsta is a socially-responsible technology platform that matches travel companions with new adventures, cultural events, and experiences. East Asian entrepreneurs Dasha Kuksenko and Michael Huynh founded this innovative startup aiming to make traveling as a lifestyle more accessible and less lonely. Visit their website for more details and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Noble Stay

Noble Stay, founded by Karl Backlund and Mitchell Jean-Milard in New York, is a pioneering company in the premium travel space. Their services include e-commerce, hospitality, information technology, lifestyle, mobile apps, travel, and web apps. Learn more about them on their website and connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Triptomize, co-founded by Jordan Griffin and Zachary Chien in Los Angeles, is a digital platform where customers can book custom itineraries based on online reviews. This startup is transforming the way we plan travels and how we monetize from sharing travel experiences. Visit their website and connect with them on LinkedIn.


AVMLO is a professional service startup in the travel industry based in New York. You can learn more about them on their website.


Landng, an LA-based startup, endeavors to revolutionize the travel planning process using personalized itinerary discovery, powered by their Creator Marketplace. Co-founders Devon Keakulina DeAngelo and Nacera Belal aim to make travel planning more frictionless, inclusive, and creative. Find out more about Landng on their website.

We hope these startup stories inspire you as much as they inspire us at Pretty Progressive. We are proud to spotlight these brilliant, driven individuals breaking barriers and making significant strides in the travel industry. Here’s to their continued success and the countless ways they bring the world a little closer to us.

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