Easy Ways To Live More Sustainably

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Easy Ways To Live More Sustainably

If you’re interested in leading a more sustainable life, but you feel intimidated or unsure of your ability to adapt to such drastic changes in your routine, this is the spot for you. There are small changes you can make to slowly and steadily live a more sustainable lifestyle without uprooting your entire life or your children’s. Check out these easy ways to live more sustainably.

Use Less Paper Products in Your Home

One change that’s easier to make than it sounds is to minimize the usage of paper products in your home. While you may not be keen on the idea of ditching toilet paper, you can easily ditch paper towels and opt for reusable cloths instead. You can even roll them on a cardboard roll just, like regular paper towels, for a convenient solution.

Buy Used and Extend the Life of Your Items

If something in your home breaks, such as a chair, you should first think about ways you can fix it yourself, so you don’t have to throw it away. If all else fails and the chair’s life has come to a close, instead of purchasing a brand-new chair from a furniture store, consider going to a secondhand store and getting a used chair instead.

Less production and less consumption can lead to a more sustainable life. You can even look into ways to extend the life of your furniture to help it last longer!

Repurpose Single-Use Items and Containers

Avoiding single-use items altogether is nearly impossible with the way stores and products function. Try to avoid single-use items whenever possible, but when doing so is not in the cards, do your best to reuse the item or container. For example, you’d be hard-pressed to find sour cream in a glass jar at your local grocer, but that single-use plastic container doesn’t have to end up in a landfill. Consider using it for food storage or other storage.

Some people even spray paint plastic containers and use them to plant succulents or herbs in!

Trying out these easy ways to live more sustainably is a great way to transition into a sustainable life.

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