Empowering East Asian Founded Startups Transforming America’s Recruiting Industry

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Startups are not only incredibly vital to the global economy due to job creation and innovation, but they often break down many barriers that minority groups face in traditional working sectors. East Asia has always been a thriving hub of startups, with numerous successful businesses stemming from the region. Emphasizing the power of diversity in driving technology and displacing traditional industry norms, Pretty Progressive is thrilled to introduce to you a series of astonishing startups in the recruitment industry founded by East Asians.

These startups are not simply breaking the glass ceiling, but shattering it entirely. They are establishing spaces for original thinking, modern methods, and improved solutions in industries such as recruitment and human resources. We take great pleasure in demonstrating the range of innovation and creativity present in the startups that are disrupting the recruiting industry in the U.S. and beyond by introducing these incredible examples.

This article is committed to acknowledging and honoring startups that were founded by East Asians and have truly become game-changers in the field of recruiting. Let’s take a deep dive into the remarkable ideas, business models, successes, and the brilliant minds behind them.


Searchlight, based in San Francisco, was founded by Anna X. Wang and Kerry Wang. They belong to various industries such as artificial intelligence, enterprise software, and recruiting. It focuses on using analytics to improve hiring efficiency and effectiveness with its Predictive Talent Platform. Follow them on @searchlight_ai, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Perception Group Inc

Perception Group Inc headquartered in Atlanta, was co-founded by Brett Morris and Regina Chou. They provide an intelligent solution that enables sales teams to hire people with the highest probability of being top performers. Find them on their LinkedIn page.


Riva is a Palo-Alto based startup founded by Ben Cook, David Lax, and Stephanie Young. Its aim is to provide users tools for asking for better salaries from their employers, boasting an average increase over $20k for its users. Connect with them on @RivaHQOfficial, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

College DAO

College DAO is located in Ann Arbor and was brought into existence by Anshul Dalua, John Zhang, Joshua Sum, and Karthik Ganesh. The platform promotes Web3 education and opportunities to college students across the globe. Follow them on @collegedao_hub, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Gladeo Inc.

Gladeo Inc., based in Santa Monica, was founded by Grace Cho and Michelle Cho. This startup combines media and technology to create a more diverse workforce of the future. They can be found on @gladeo_org, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Thine, located in Brooklyn, was started by Jon Strom and Sang Lee. This SaaS company provides assessments for law firm hiring. Follow them on @thine_co and their LinkedIn page.

STEAM Boston

STEAM Boston is a digital media company designed to inspire students in the STEAM field by providing career advice and stories. You can connect with them on @steamboston, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Swing Education

Swing Education, based in San Mateo, was founded by Asha Visweswaran, Mike Teng, Oz Feng. This startup focuses on improving education by providing substitute teachers to schools. They can be found on @swingedu, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Rise located in New York was founded by Ana Swarup and Vivian Chen. They specialize in human resources, recruiting, and software services. Find them on their LinkedIn page.

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