Enhancing Intimacy: The Power Of Yoga

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While most people wouldn’t normally associate yoga with sex life, there’s definitely a connection in terms of sexual health, well-being, and physical fitness. The direct correlation is that practicing yoga techniques and doing exercises regularly can do wonders for that individual’s sex life and its many aspects.

In lieu of encouraging people to become more active and fit, here are several sex-related benefits you can get from doing yoga as well as beginner poses you can try to gain the sexual effects.

The Connection Between Yoga and Sex Life

Yoga contributes to better sex life in so many ways. First is the obvious connection between physical health and performance in the bedroom. Regular movement and exercise gets the blood pumping and the adrenaline rush going, which in turn gives you the energy and capacity to perform well, sexually-wise.

Yoga can be considered an exercise that fits into the physical fitness category, but then it’s more than just that. Movement is just one of the many aspects of yoga alongside breathing, being mindful, and tapping into your different chakra levels.

Practicing yoga immediately gives you the skills you need to perform tantric sex. This is a kind of lovemaking that doesn’t rush through to the orgasm part- you become one with your partner in energy and breathing, taking the time to appreciate the soul, chakra, and sensuousness of your partner and the moment.

That sense of mindfulness and ability to unlock chakra energy can make your sexual stamina and appetite flow to new levels. Breathing can also help control the organs and prolong sex to make it more pleasurable. This effect multiplies tenfold if both partners are practicing yoga and have moved up the experience ladder.

5 Ways Yoga Makes Sex Life Better

Higher Sex Drive

There’s a fine line between not enough sex and too much sex, and this is inherently different in each relationship. Sex drive is a factor in making this happen, and both sides will have a happier sex life if they’re tuned into each other’s needs.

Higher sex drive is often a desired trait in a relationship because of intimacy and the basic needs of humans. With yoga, you can unlock the energies so it can flow towards your vital organs. More testosterone and estrogen equals a higher sex drive, as is regular exercise.

Controlled Orgasms

By understanding the flow of energy, breathing techniques, and getting your urges under control, you’ll have achieved a level of mastery with the self. Yoga gives you the power to control the mind, heart, and body, something you can use to improve your sexual performance.

A fulfilling sexual relationship involves mutual understanding and shared experiences, beyond just achieving orgasm. It’s as simple as asking, ‘are you both satisfied with how the sex turned out?’ if that’s a yes for both, then you’re on the path to a happier sex life.

Longer Endurance

By being able to control your limbs, muscles, and mind you can actually perform or last longer in sexual intercourse. The risks of premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction can hover like a dark cloud and quickly deteriorate a relationship. Rather than resorting to sex enhancers, yoga is a natural alternative that provides well-rounded lifestyle effects.

Endurance doesn’t mean having sex for hours on end, although it can happen if both partners have the time and are willing to do it. It’s having enough stamina to completely satisfy your partner’s sexual desires and orgasming at the right time.

Delve into Yoga Sex

Yoga practitioners won’t have to look very far when it comes to exploring their sexuality. There’s such a thing called yogic sexuality, which is an approach to sex with yoga in mind.

Yoga sex is divided into several disciplines, and most of them involve getting in touch with one’s energy, breathing, and movement. More importantly, doing something different and having a variety of experience makes sex fun.

Healing and Optimized Sex

Last but not least, an understanding of yoga unlocks a unique kind of intimacy unlike the usual lust and physical affection. Those with trauma or have anxiety about their bodies and sex organs can still get the benefits of sex without the roughness or callousness of casual penetration. It’s a healing ritual that can be achieved through regular yoga and practicing mindfulness.

Best Yoga Poses for Sex

Low Lunge

The low lunge connects with the sakral chakra, or the center of intimate love and sex. Your pelvis and front thighs also get a nice stretch.

Start with a semi downward-facing dog but with one leg stretching out and the other folding at the knee. With the hips square, you lengthen your torso and stretch it while your hands are up high or resting on your thighs.

Downward Facing Dog

One of the most popular yoga moves available, the downward facing dog might be simple at first glance but it actually takes practice to get right. With the movement, blood goes towards your pelvis and increases your flexibility.

Start with a forward fold and put your hands on the ground on shoulder width. Push your feet back until your body forms an inverted V shape. Feel the stretch and plant your feet firmly while keeping the neck and head relaxed.

Forward Fold

Another simple yoga pose you can do in tight spaces, the forward fold energizes the whole body and unlocks greater oxygen content. These two things let you get more frisky in the bedroom and enjoy heightened sensations for a more satisfying orgasm.

Start with a mountain pose and plant both feet firmly. Exhale, then fold your torso down and from the hip. Feel the stretch and rock your body lightly from side to side if preferred. Hold the pose for 15-30 seconds and repeat several times.


Yoga is a potent tool for enhancing one’s sex life. Keep in mind that the effects get better and better if practiced regularly. Find the time and space so you can exercise and get in touch with your inner self, then watch as your sex life blossoms.

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