Ethical Product Review: Machu Picchu Coffee

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Machu Picchu Coffee Overview:

Nutty, mellow, chocolatey – many words have tried to capture the essence of this delicious Machu Picchu coffee. It contains only hand-picked Arabica beans, expertly roasted to yield their fulsome flavour. As well as meeting the exacting Fairtrade standards, this coffee is also certified by the UK Soil Association showing that it meets the European standards for Organic Coffee. It is certified free from the use of fertilisers and pesticides.

‘Great coffee is a combination of many things – the land, the customs we inherit, the climate and the market. Fair prices have transformed not only my community but our coffee too. Try it – I’m sure you’ll agree. ‘ Guillermo Aguilar, Coffee grower, COCLA, Peru.

The coffee is a slightly dark roast with a delicious aroma and taste that has hints of nut and caramel. A classy coffee brew in anybody’s cup.

This coffee is produced by Cafédirect. Cafédirect is the largest fair trade organisation in the UK and works with more than 30 different producer groups in South America, Central America, Africa and Asia.

  • Strength: 4
  • Weight: 227 grams
  • Origin: Fair trade, organic coffee sourced directly from coffee growers in Peru.

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Machu Picchu Coffee Review:

Those who enjoy a cup of dark roasts will tend to be those who love the deep coffee flavour and the darker tones that are prevalent in a good dark roast.

For those, the Machu Picchu coffee is a solid offering. With a rich, smooth taste, Machu Picchu coffee is a nice blend of sweetness and incredibly smoothness.

This is a very nice cup of coffee and one that I thoroughly enjoy.

What first caught my attention about this coffee was the price. At an average of $12.99 for 227g, this truly is a ‘fair trade coffee’. Though, what we do not normally think about is whether or not it is actually ‘fair trade organic coffee’. But, as you can see on the front of the bag it is indeed ‘fair trade organic coffee’.

At first I was sceptical, but as I did some research I discovered a number of benefits to drinking a ‘fair trade organic coffee.’

  • It pays farmers a fair wage
  • It supports sustainable agriculture
  • It promotes environmentally-friendly farming techniques
  • It protects the environment
  • It is a fundamental tool in alleviating world poverty

It is mostly a matter of getting people involved so that they can have a voice in the business process. The values that you stand for are the values that you should espouse. This goes for any good concept and is true for fair trade organic coffee.

There is nothing better than having the money invested in the community it came from. Imagine you were a farmer making money from coffee in a certain community. You are also making sure that you are happy giving back and making sure that another farmer within the community receives all of the proceeds from your cup of coffee.

Freshness is a challenge for most coffee consumers because it is so much easier to purchase ground coffee or coffee in a bag. However, this coffee is something kind of ‘extra-ordinary’ because it is from freshly roasted beans. There is no better taste than that of fresh roasted coffee.

When brewing a fresh cup of coffee, it is important to remember that coffee is a natural product which can easily be affected by environmental conditions. This means that you need to make sure that you store it in order to maintain its fresh flavour.

Freshly roasted coffee should be stored in an environment that is airtight, cool and away from light. Storing the product like this is a simple way of preserving the coffee. However, this is not the solution most people choose.

Most people like to store their coffee by freezing it. However, by doing this you risk losing the fresh flavour and could end up with a bitter taste. This is because the freezing actually causes the moisture found within the coffee bean to seep into the coffee resulting in a watered-down flavour and a bitter taste.

If you wish to store the coffee, then I would suggest that you use airtights. The reason I say this is that the airtight container allows you to store your coffee in the refrigerator.

Machu Picchu coffee is great for the environment. As well as being certified organic and certified as ethically sourced, it is responsible for a sustainable coffee-growing model which also helps to conserve biodiversity in Peru. And they do their bit as a key member of the Fairtrade Producer organisation COCLA whose members plant more than 1.2 million trees every year to help prevent the erosion of Peru’s famous Inca terraces. In fact, 20% of the Machu Picchu website’s proceeds are donated to the Tree planting programs.

Learn more or buy this product here.

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