Ethical Product Review: Organic India Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea

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Tulsi Sweet Rose – Combine rich and flavorful Tulsi leaves with the soft fragrance of real rose petals, here you have a teatime experience sure to make you smile. It is naturally sweet, just add boiling water and instantly you will enjoy!

Organic India Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea Review:

My friends tell me that they feel that I can not be old. That’s why for at least 16 years I have been taking care of several blogs and sites. About 16 years ago, I got the opportunity to invent and develop this product. I have made a lot of money and much of my time, and I love it. I love what I do and I am very proud to be a creator. I was waiting for this moment.

I called my brother and asked him to invest in the business, as soon as I will launch the product I will finally see the right to sell the product created in the company. My brother was very patient, but later he did not give me money. I worked with him on a strategic level and he financed part of the development. It really took many compromises, because the product is expensive, then he would not have invested a level of risk that is necessary for this business. For example, I had to give him a money my little…for my business. But we live in a capitalist country and everyone has to pay from his pocket. Because if not, we will have too much money and no business will be.

I started to sell the products and the first challenges were very negative opinions of my family, because some people can not believe that someone can make great money from such a product. This reaction was normal, as long as I will be only a producer of the product. I came into the business as a promoter and not as a financial partner.

And that is the reason why the products are so expensive. Because the manufacturer took most of the risk. Of course, here there are a lot of “jackals” who also want to make a lot of money, but they never do anything for years with the intention of taking advantage of other people’s efforts.

With my work, I have tripled the business and that is a good thing, because when my family had me there was just an idea. I think he did not expect success and I did not expect so much success. I feel like I have reached the stars. I get letters from my friends in other countries. This is an indication of the success of the business, especially because people do not frequently write to me for validation, while we live in different cities and do not even see each other often.

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Organic India Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea Review:

It has the aroma of a rose and an extremely sharp taste. After many tests I took several new ingredients. Now the product is more balsamic than sweet, and the effect is more concentrated.

I have already made many friends around the world, and the effect can be seen everywhere. I am very happy for the business and the progress that you are making, because this business is situated in the village.

The beverage is made according to the natural limit of the raw materials. All the methods are 100% natural. No additives, no artificial colors or artificial flavors, and no preservatives are used in the products. The product does not contain any alcohol, but it can be combined with other products containing alcohol consumption. In the recipe, I have recommended to add a tea bag to increase the effect of the product. But I have also made it without the addition of tea, but it remained very small. Results can be different.

I’ve been using the tea for more than three years, and the effect is undeniable. I did not think that a product can work so well. Yesterday I was in Barcelona (Spain) and I met a man who had ordered rheumatism and he said that with drinking the tea his diagnosis was imminent. Unfortunately, he live in Barcelona, I will not meet him again, but all the ingredients fit perfectly, everything is here, so there is no reason to believe that he tried to cheat me.

The product is definitely effective, but in the short time I did not have a lot of data.

For rheumatism relief is very useful. I already know that other clinics in India are very interested in the treatment of this disease, and I will continue my work, because I can make more money and I have a lot of ideas about new products.

In just a few hours, the tea is perfectly absorbed, but I drank a little more than a day. I personally took the maximum effect of the product, so I recommend to drink the tea every morning. You will be surprised at the results.

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