Green Alternatives to Everyday Plastic Products

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If you have ever wanted to start doing your part to work towards a sustainable environment, but you are not sure how to start, this guide may be for you. A sustainable future shouldn’t have to be reliant on a drastic innovation. In fact, if enough people start performing small acts aimed at sustaining the environment, it could have a huge impact. One of the best ways to start your sustainable lifestyle is to cut out the use of plastic products that you use every day starting from makeup q-tips to light bulbs.

In this guide, we discuss common household items that result in a great deal of pollution and alternatives that you can use to replace these products.

Grocery Bags

Grocery bags are one of the largest plastic pollutants in the world today. They are a threat to marine animals, as well as the environment. Grocery bags can take hundreds of years to deteriorate, and release toxic chemicals in the process. One way to reduce the use of grocery bags is to keep a reusable bag in your house. If your crafty, you can even make a reusable bag from an old t-shirt, doubling up on your sustainability efforts!

Coffee Filters

Coffee is widely used across all nations and cultures, so it’s no surprise that coffee filters have a huge impact on the environment. Tens of thousands of coffee filters are used then thrown away across the world every day. Instead of using single-use paper filters, you can buy a reusable filter. These reusable filters are normally made of metal and can save you from using hundreds of filters every year. They even make reusable K-cup filters! This is not only a great way to live sustainable, but can also save you money in the long run.

Plastic Jewelry

Everybody loves cheap, fashionable jewelry. However, once fads change and people are done using their jewelry, a great deal of these items end up in the trash. If you plan on using cheap fashion accessories, you should attempt to look for accessories that are made up of more eco-friendly materials like glass, ceramic, or wood. There are a wide variety of accessories that are more suited for the environment, including wood necklaces, recycled glass jewelry, and even this climate change bracelet if you want to have a more direct effect on the environment.

Light Bulbs

If you haven’t already hopped on the trend, old filament bulbs are a thing of the past. LED light bulbs are the future, and can save you a great deal on energy costs. It is estimated that LED bulbs are up to 80% more efficient than the old traditional bulbs, as they do not allow as much heat to escape. Personally, I think LED bulbs provide a brighter light and are more aesthetically pleasing than the old bulbs. Saving on energy is good for your pockets, as well as the environment.


Everybody uses a toothbrush (or at least, I’d hope so). With essentially the entire world using this product, it’s no secret that toothbrushes lead to a ton of waste that impacts the environment. A good way to combat this waste is to start buying toothbrushes that are made from biodegradable materials, or buy toothbrushes that have detachable heads. While the second option still requires throwing away the detachable toothbrush heads, the amount of plastic that you are throwing away each time is significantly reduced.

Paper Towels

This may seem like an obvious fix, but it may not be as obvious as you think, because millions of paper towels are still used every day in the world. Instead of using paper towels in your home, try using a machine washable cloth towel that is made from a durable cloth material. Just be sure to throw the cloth in with your regular wash loads, no need to make an extra load for one item.

Have an Environmentally Friendly Mindset

Think about the plastic items you use every day, now think about what you could use to replace those items. You may find that there are more plastic items that you use than previously thought, and questioning alternatives to those products is a great way to start thinking about the future. No matter how small the change, any decision you make towards sustaining the planet we live on is a step towards a better future.

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