How To Become More Confident as a Pregnant Mom

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How To Become More Confident as a Pregnant Mom

This probably isn’t your first rodeo. If you’re pregnant and raising kids at the same time, you’re certainly more prepared for the overall process. Still, pregnancy is a complex and sensitive experience that can make us more self-conscious and concerned about being “the angry pregnant lady.” It’s important that you know how to become more confident as a pregnant mom so you can continue to stand up for your family’s health and your own.

Find Your Community

One of the best tools for building confidence while pregnant is establishing yourself in a community. Connecting with other moms is a great way to vent about negative experiences and celebrate the little wins with people who understand why they matter.

Even non-pregnancy-focused communities can remind you that you’re not just a mom—you’re a woman with your own interests, hobbies, and passions. Having a slice of life away from the home can really boost your confidence in who you are.

Appreciate Yourself

Taking care of yourself is the perfect way to remind your brain and body that life is good and that, ultimately, things will be okay. Pregnant moms who have done this before should do their best to accept that since they have aged at least a few years, this pregnancy will look a little different. In many ways, this time will be even less dramatic than the first.

Trying to see the positives, like plump skin and the occasional mood boost, will go a long way. Encouraging positive talk from your partner and carrying it with you as you look at your changing body in the mirror can help ease body anxiety. Don’t be afraid to get some appreciative self-talk in there too.

Trust Your Gut

Even if you’ve had a child before, the process of bringing a new baby into this world can be ridiculously complicated. With a change in clothes, a change in work, and the pre-birth scramble to prepare the home for a new family member, it can be difficult to speak up for the things you need to happen on top of everything else.

One way to become more confident as a pregnant mom is to make a habit of trusting your gut and standing up for yourself. While this isn’t to say that you’ll never be wrong or change your mind, you should have no shame in saying exactly what you want, from how the house is run to what goes into your perfect birth plan. Be bold and tell your family how you’re feeling and what you’d like them to do to help you.

Discovering what helps you become more confident as a pregnant mom is a deeply personal process. We’re all bound to face different challenges and self-doubts, but luckily, we can rely on our families to be there through it all. At the end of the day, the confidence you build while pregnant will be an important tool for you as a mother.

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