How to Stick to an Academic Writing Style

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How to stick to an academic writing style

Writing is something that no student can avoid, no matter if he studies architecture, literature, or perhaps bioengineering. Essays, assignment papers, or regular student homework is inevitable between classes and lectures. Some of these assignments may require simple descriptive writing, but others tend to be more serious with extra analysis and personal opinions required. Acquiring academic writing skills is a process that takes some time but after writing several serious essays, one can recognize which style suits him best. It is important to stick to your style because it expresses who you are and your personal opinion or attitude on a subject matter, thus making it uniquely yours.

Writing Style Matters

Academic writing evolved steadily through generations as a way to make education more serious and systematic, just like each science needs proper classification. Using even the best essay service on the net is not enough to master proper academic writing skills, but it surely can help students a lot. Visiting great sites like can help you with spelling or grammar, but critical thinking is something you must acquire yourself. There are several types of academic writing like critical, persuasive, or analytical type, but the most common style that everyone uses, in the beginning, is descriptive. Each student who is writing an essay for the first time will surely use a descriptive style that provides experiment results, a summary, or just plain facts.

Upgrading Your Skills

If you want to know how to improve academic writing, just read a lot of essays, articles, or scientific studies and pay attention to a language used in a process. Once you conquer basic descriptive style, try excelling at an analytic or persuasive technique that both require classifying your findings plus forming your personal opinion about a subject matter. This requires going deep into a subject, becoming an expert who knows fine details that he can discuss with confidence or certainty. Professors at any university just love when each student has the courage to express his attitude with reason, arguments, and evidence. These techniques can be very effective, but for truly mastering academic writing skills, one must excel at critical writing as well.

Taking Critical Approach

No teacher can show you some secrets of critical writing, because taking a critical approach means going against yourself or your opinion. That is more than hard, as it means being critical of yourself, contemplating the possibility of being wrong or mistaken in your judgment. Some tips for students who want to achieve that level of excellence may include being confident in their knowledge, restraining their ego, and having fun researching. Your education should be about finding yourself, so your style should be unique, personal, and above all interesting. Do not be afraid of being critical toward yourself as challenging one’s beliefs can be quite refreshing thus making you realize something new or original about your personality.

As one can imagine, it takes some courage to form your personal opinion and stick to it, even when others disagree with you entirely. That is a hard lesson each student must learn during his studies if he aspires to achieve academic greatness or integrity. Each academic writing style is different than casual reporting or journalism as it reflects some critical thinking and analytic approach of an academic writer. Excelling in this kind of writing is a great way of being accepted by the academic community and taking your education to another level. Practice your academic writing skills, develop your critical thinking, and never be afraid to defend your personal opinion in academic circles.

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