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Leading East Asian Founded Social Industry Startups Revolutionizing America

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Welcome to another of our ongoing series of articles where we spotlight startups in excitement, innovation, and diversity. This series specifically highlights companies that are founded by minorities and serve as an inspiration for new startups. Today, we venture into the social industry, focusing on startups architected by incredible East Asian founders. These startups not only reflect a deep sense of innovation but also serve as a testament to the growth and success heralded by diversity.

One of the most exhilarating elements of innovation lies in how it redefines our daily interaction with the world. From the way we consume media to how we plan our travel and manage our resources- startups in the social industry are transforming the narrative and setting new standards. And that standard is further raised when the driving force behind these companies are trailblazing East Asians breaking boundaries and leading the solutions of tomorrow.

The startups we are highlighting in this article hail from various corners of the social space, including advertising, wealth management, mobile applications, communities, and games. Each one showcases an incredible blend of innovation, diversity, and forward-thinking leadership; narratives that are both inspiring and motivational. So, let’s dive in and explore some of the top East Asian founded startups in the social industry.


Located in Foster City, California, Conviva is a revolutionary enterprise founded by Hui Zhang and Ion Stoica. Offering services from advertising and marketing to video streaming, Conviva’s analytics platforms help streaming businesses flourish by providing comprehensive, continuous, real-time measurements. It’s trusted by popular brands like DAZN, Disney+, Hulu, among others, making it a vital cog in the wheel of the streaming media industry. You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Houston-based Chow-Bryant, founded by Chris(tina) Brady and Michael Bryant, is a digital advertising and marketing agency that delivers results. Operating on a relationship-building ethos, they offer personalized insights to help businesses grow. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for updates on their journey.


San Francisco’s Merged was founded by Kelvin Craver with a vision of empowering individuals towards financial peace and growth. This invite-only investors network provides an array of resources in tax strategy, wealth management, and an invaluable network of entrepreneurs and investors. The company leverages platform updates on its Twitter and LinkedIn channels.


Launched by Amit Kulkarni and Manav Monga, San Francisco-based Heymarket breaks the barriers between businesses and their customers with omnichannel messaging. Their services include shared inboxes, task assignments, work templates, and reminders to ensure businesses maintain a seamless communication network. Stay on top of their updates via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Cake, conceptualized by Mark Zhang and Suelin Chen, is a revolutionary mobile application focusing on end-of-life planning and post-loss support. With a blend of AI and data science, Cake offers a plethora of resources to guide users through life’s more challenging times. Follow their journey on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


In the realm of social travel and group dating, Floqsta stands out. Founded by Dasha Kuksenko and Michael Huynh, Floqsta is an app designed to pair like-minded travelers with fresh adventure and cultural experiences. They can be found on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Fairygodboss is a successful web platform founded by Georgene Huang and Romy Newman where women receive data and support on career topics. Based in New York, the platform enables women professionals to receive assistance with career guidance and job postings that cater to their individual needs. Follow Fairygodboss on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Linda (Jia Ling) Yang, Playground is a New York-based startup dedicated to fostering an inclusive digital environment. From live music events to rooftop comedy shows, Playground uses shared interests to bring people together and foster community. Stay connected with Playground through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Lot Club

Lot Club, co-founded by Elliott Staffer and Kate Ferguson, is a private community for select entertainment professionals. It aims to provide a hub for networking, collaboration, and support among the members. To learn more, visit thelotclub.com or follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Jenova Chen and Kellee Santiago, Santa Monica-based thatgamecompany is revolutionizing the gaming world. By designing artistically crafted, broadly accessible video games, they are creating enriching experiences that push the boundaries of interactive entertainment. Stay updated about their innovations via Twitter and LinkedIn.


AvailableApp, founded by Ben Ng, is an innovative workforce management platform designed to help filmmakers and productions streamline staffing and scheduling. By integrating unique social network features, AvailableApp is transforming the way film production managers hire and communicate efficiently with their crews. Stay connected with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

In conclusion, these companies are a testament to the unlimited potential of innovation when diversity is embraced. Each makes a unique contribution to their respective industries, pushing boundaries, and setting new standards that inspire both today and in the future. Stay tuned with us as we continue our journey of highlighting the best in startup excellence in our upcoming articles.

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