Spotlight on East Asian Founded Wholesale Industry Startups in America

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Progressive and powerful, East Asians are making their mark in the startup scene, particularly in the wholesale industry. From New York to Los Angeles, innovative ideas and hard work are coming together to create impactful businesses. The industrious minds behind these startups are reshaping traditional markets and introducing new ways to serve others. Let’s dive into some of the top East Asian Founded startups in the Wholesale industry and learn more about their founders, missions, and their impactful contributions to the market.

When reflecting on the rise of startups formed by minority groups, it’s essential to acknowledge their significance. They bring with them fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and a sense of resilience that comes from overcoming challenges and unfriendly norms. Startups led by individuals that hail from minority groups often incorporate social responsibility into their business models, making their companies not just about profit, but also about positive change.

Emanating from a variety of sectors – from eyewear to food supply chain software – these businesses highlight the versatility and vast capabilities of East Asian founders. Let’s highlight their extraordinary work and how they contribute to the collective progression in the startup space by taking an in-depth look at their accomplishments.

Otaku Lamps

Otaku Lamps is a California-based startup that creates LED lighting products that cater to fans of Japanese and Korean culture. With over 20+ licenses from companies such as Crunchyroll, Funimation, VIZ Media, and LINE FRIENDS, Otaku Lamps offers a comprehensive range of collectible lamps that have hit the mark in the official merchandise industry. Be sure to check out their creations on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Pepper is a New York-based company that provides digital solutions for the food supply chain. Founded by the team that led Uber Eats to success, Pepper’s eCommerce platform enables food distributors to strengthen relationships, increase revenue, and streamline operations. Be part of Pepper’s mission in unlocking the food industry’s potential by following them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Boxed is changing the way we shop for groceries. This online bulk grocery retailer offers a membership-free wholesale experience for modern shoppers. Founded in 2013, Boxed provides consumers with direct-to-their-door access via its mobile app. Connect with Boxed on Facebook and LinkedIn to enjoy bulk shopping without ever leaving your home.


Brandboom innovates the B2B commerce and wholesale markets by offering cloud-based solutions for Line Sheets, Ordering & Invoicing tools. Using AI, Brandboom’s Connect Marketplace also finds the best matches for brands and retailers. Connect with Brandboom on Facebook to grow and excel your business with its complete B2B solution.


MamaP is a startup with a purpose. This health and wellness company’s mission is to transform the personal and home-care industry into environmentally and socially responsible experiences. MamaP empowers people to live meaningful lives and makes giving back to communities an integral part of its business model. You can follow their progress on Facebook and LinkedIn.


SPINOZA is a New York-based eyewear brand with a mission. They are committed to helping 1 million people receive sight-restoring cataract surgeries by 2030, dedicating 20% of their profits to this cause. By crafting lightweight yet durable eyewear, SPINOZA offers superior comfort and quality. Stay updated with their mission on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Evidently, East Asian Founded startups in the wholesale industry continue to push boundaries and define novelty. From developing new ways of shopping, creating unique products, to restructuring traditional industry practices, these startups are truly impressive. Let’s keep a keen eye on these startups as they continue to progress and redefine the industry.

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