Surprising Ways To Reduce Anxiety This Winter

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Surprising Ways To Reduce Anxiety This Winter

2020 has been trying for everyone. Unfortunately, this winter, many fun activities are off-limits. Luckily, there are a few ways you can combat the disappointment. Here are some ways to reduce anxiety this winter if you’ve been feeling out of whack lately.

Design a Winterized Space

Sadly, the CDC doesn’t recommend large gatherings this winter. If you want to see your loved ones, you should design an outdoor space for winter entertaining. Here are a few things you’ll need to get started:

  • A tent
  • A space heater
  • Lighting
  • Warm and inviting furniture

Creating an outdoor space will help you feel less stressed, thanks to the change of scenery. And some fresh air can do wonders after being stuck inside for so long.

Weighted Blanket

Consider purchasing a weighted blanket if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately. The additional weight will help you feel more secure and grounded. Also, these blankets will keep you warm when the temperatures drop outside. Pro Tip: Never leave the blanket on for longer than recommended.


Who said coloring was just for children? Adult coloring books have been flying off the shelves since the pandemic started. Coloring reduces anxiety because it provides a particular task on which to focus. You can drown out all the noise as you concentrate on staying inside the lines. People are becoming obsessed with coloring, as it provides calm in all the chaos.

Try out these ways to reduce anxiety this winter if you need to calm down. It’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed right now; we’re living through a difficult moment in history. If you follow this advice, you may just start feeling better. Don’t forget to reach out to loved ones, either. Almost everyone in the world is in the same boat, so it may help to know you aren’t alone.

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