Technology That Helps Diminish Carbon Footprint

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Technology That Helps Diminish Carbon Footprint

The use of technology has become second nature in our world today, mostly for its ease and high efficiency. Over time, technological innovations have reduced our impact on the planet. Here are a few examples of technology that helps diminish our carbon footprint.

Smart Home Devices

Smart home devices like thermostats and appliances drastically improve home energy efficiency. These devices connect to Wi-Fi via Bluetooth connection, so you can control them from anywhere in the home. Many of these devices can also log your patterns, reducing usage during high-power rate times.  

Meat Alternative Production 

Believe it or not, technology plays a significant role in the surge of plant-based and meat alternative diet options. Meat and dairy production add to our carbon footprint through the vast amount of farmland use and greenhouse emissions.  

Food tech companies are now focusing on producing meatless options that don’t generate as much waste. Some companies have even found ways to create meat by using animal cells in a laboratory rather than raising more animals on farmland.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are some of the most popular solutions for reducing our carbon footprint today. The most eco-friendly car models eliminate dangerous vehicle emissions from gas vehicles. Some government agencies even offer rebates and incentives to electric vehicle owners to promote making the switch.

Carbon Capture

Many of our most common activities like driving, manufacturing, and farming contribute to the rise in greenhouse gases. One of the newest technologies that aims to fight this rise is carbon capture. Carbon capture plants consist of giant arrays of fans that suck in air, directing it to facilities that separate the carbon from other gases.  

These capture sites are carbon neutral, meaning their net output is zero. Some sites can take the carbon and convert it into clean fuel to remove it from our atmosphere and recycle it. 

Reducing our carbon footprint has become a necessity in recent decades. As global warming concerns continue to rise, new technology that helps diminish carbon footprints is increasing, too.

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