The 4 Must-Read Feminist Books

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As every ideology out there has their sacred books, the tomes that preserve and teach to prospective adherents about the values, principles, and guidelines that make them who they are as a group, feminism is no different.

While stopping short of calling them “sacred”, we also have our selection of books that are considered of necessary importance to read and understand the core of what feminism truly is. Rest assured, you won’t find in them any denouncing or discriminatory language towards any group aimed at disenfranchising them for who they are, that’s not who we are. We are about equality something that you can learn by reading these must-read feminist books.

#1 50 Feminist Mantras by Amelia Hruby

This book began as a weekly blog post and blossomed into a year-long project with the purpose of helping readers embrace feminisms and themselves as feminists. Inside, there are fifty feminist mantras arranged by week and season, intended to be read and interpreted in a deeply meaningful and personal way. As you read these prompts honing in on relationships, politics, self-care, work, and community, you hold the potential to use these mantras as stepping stones to a more fulfilled and feminist sense of self and way of life. There are blank pages for journalling after each mantra, and you’re encouraged to meditate on the words here and develop new mantras of your own. Enjoy this book to the fullest, and use it as a tool to be your best, most feminist self.

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#2 The Gaslighting of the Millennial Generation by Caitlin Fisher

In The Gaslighting of the Millennial Generation, author Caitlin Fisher tackles each aspect of society that young adults are supposedly destroying, offering data, anecdotes, and advice on how millennials of all genders can navigate life while shaking off the societal assertions that we’re ruining everything.

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#3 Unscrewed by Jaclyn Friedman

“Unscrewed” is so timely in this age of “Me Too” and the acknowledgment of what women must go through to claim sexual equality and autonomy. Jaclyn posits that we live in an “era of fauxpowerment” where women are participating in a deceptive appearance of sexual power that they actually have no agency over. But it’s not their fault. Media, religion, current social mores, politics, and insufficient education are the culprits of our anxiety and fear. Jaclyn unpacks this issue and with tools, helps all of us to help ourselves take on the patriarchy.

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#4 Feminists Don’t Wear Pink and Other Lies by Scarlett Curtis

This feminist novel features a host of women’s perspectives, stories, beliefs and interpretations of female experiences, drawing similarities together and comically squashing the lies associated with feminism that are so often splurged across the media headlines. It’s a light-hearted read, with humorous references and analogies on feminism in the modern world.

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