The Best Feminist Fashion Brands To Elevate Your Style

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This article showcases our top picks for the Feminist Fashion Brands. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.


This product was recommended by John Smith from Leather Skin

Their contemporary fashion line designed by Andrea Lieberman is both sleek and modern. I admire the way they incorporate empowering messages and slogans on their clothing, which resonates with their commitment to feminism.

Mara Hoffman

This product was recommended by John Smith from Leather Skin

As a conscious consumer, I’m drawn to their bold and colorful clothing, which is fashionable and eco-friendly. Mara Hoffman is committed to using sustainable fabrics and ethical production methods, which aligns with their core values. I also love how they frequently incorporate feminist messages and empowering slogans on their clothing.

Universal Standard

This product was recommended by John Smith from Leather Skin

Universal Standard is a brand that I highly recommend for women of all sizes. Their inclusive fashion line celebrates diversity and empowers women, regardless of their shape or size. I appreciate their commitment to creating stylish clothing in a wide range of sizes, from 00 to 40, which promotes inclusivity. They also use diverse models to showcase their clothing, which aligns with their mission to celebrate diversity.


This product was recommended by John Smith from Leather Skin

Staud is a fashion-forward brand that I love for its trendy and unique clothing. Their playful and colorful designs are perfect for the modern woman who wants to make a statement. I appreciate how they incorporate empowering messages and feminist slogans on their clothing, which aligns with their commitment to feminism.

The Outrage

This product was recommended by John Smith from Leather Skin

The Outrage is a feminist brand that I love for their commitment to using clothing as a tool for social change. Their empowering messages and feminist slogans on their clothing inspire activism and create positive change. I appreciate how they partner with organizations that support women’s rights, which aligns with their core values.

DiDomenico Design

This product was recommended by Laura Evans Manatos from Laura Evans Media

The woman behind DiDomenico Designs, 31-year-old Kelsy Dominick, a biracial, millennial, small town, soon-to-be mother of three (her third child is due in June) is shaking up the wedding and luxury gown market with a colorful, diverse, inclusive, sustainable and truly modern approach to design. While fashion is continuously pushing the envelope and weddings are becoming more modern, a white wedding dress has remained the staple for more than 100 years. Kelsy is now giving women what many of them -want – -stepping out of the traditional creating custom luxury wedding gowns in a rainbow of colors and innovative designs. Her creative creations sometimes include LED lights in gowns and this dress that transformed with a hidden train that exploded into a rainbow went viral. Kelsy is also committed to broadening the definition of who luxury, custom gowns are for and says her business is about giving women an opportunity and the voice to truly decide what they want to wear and how they want to showcase their uniqueness. She has designed up to a size 30. She makes original creations that reflect not only personality and passions but culture and heritage. Her custom designs accommodate a variety of health and life considerations, including women with mastectomies, lymphadema and more. Being mindful of the importance of sustainability, Kelsy also remakes generational gowns handed down from mothers and grandmothers. Not only does she reuse and repurpose unique laces, she also creates custom made fabrics to the exact quantities needed for each bride instead of mass ordering hundreds of yards.


This product was recommended by Muhammad Ibrahim from TopicBlend

Wildfang, is a feminist fashion brand that creates stylish, gender-neutral clothes. They make an intentional and specific effort to create clothing options that are inclusive of all genders. Their clothing is designed to be comfortable and casual while still being fashionable. Wildfang also uses some of its proceeds to support charities, making it a socially conscious and ethical brand. This makes them a great choice for those looking for apparel that represents their beliefs.


This product was recommended by Steve Flores from BargzNY

Everlane is one of the best feminist fashion brands out there, and we highly recommend them to anyone looking for high-quality clothing that prioritizes transparency, ethics, and sustainability. Not only does Everlane offer classic, minimalist clothing that is designed to last, but they also prioritize ethical labor practices and transparency in their manufacturing processes. They offer a radical transparency page on their website that breaks down the costs of each product, so you know exactly where your money is going when you shop with them. In addition to its commitment to transparency, Everlane also prioritizes sustainability by using eco-friendly materials and minimizing waste in its manufacturing processes. They also prioritize inclusivity in their sizing, offering extended sizing options to ensure that everyone can find clothing that fits and feels comfortable.


This product was recommended by Anaïs BOURNONVILLE from Influencer China Agency

The last collection Align is an ode to feminism, enabling women to release their inner energy. For the launch of the product in China, the celebrities Cacien and Cici Wang joined the Hot Yoga class to show that all women can be themselves, from hip-hop rappers to ballet dancers. Today for local consumers, Lululemon is one of the best feminist fashion brands.

Luna Selene

This product was recommended by Charissa Lauren from Charissa Lauren Collective

Introducing, for consideration, luxury design atelier, Luna Selene, that specializes in handcrafted, slow-batch shoes with a vintage flare. We have some great spring styles we’d love to have you consider with any upcoming spring pieces or photo shoot collaborations. Luna Selene is an atelier of handcrafted footwear invoking the everyday elegance and timelessness of femininity. It is gliding through the office with effortless elegance. It is winning a high-stakes negotiation, and then care-freely meeting your partner for dinner and a movie. It is the glamour of the 1950s-60s, with the power of the 2023 woman. Step into our world of handcrafted elegance — heels made with perfection, timelessness and quality. Designer Shannon Slack’s vision for the shoe label was timeless femininity made to empower. Luna Selene, atelier of high-elegance shoes, was inspired by a woman’s daily life – from the boardroom to the red carpet – and the many places she will travel. With the belief women are unstoppable, Shannon handcrafted the perfect shoe that urges women and all fashionistas to dream big and never slow down – your shoes should keep up with your drive and determination. Slack’s first #NYFW show was a tremendous success attracting the likes of New York City influencers, socialites, and media. What’s next? Slack is busy designing a bag to bring more luxury to the brand.


This product was recommended by Melissa Fiorentino from EditorsFaves

Given that most garment workers are women, we love that Pact creates its clothes in Fair Trade Certified factories, which provide safe working conditions and community support that helps empower employees. The company also has a Give Back Box program, which delivers customers’ gently-used clothes to nonprofits.

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