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The Best Jobs for People Who Care About the Environment

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The Best Jobs for People Who Care About the Environment

If you want to protect the planet, the first step is to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Recycling household products, going “zero waste,” and lobbying for sustainable legislation are all things the average person can do. Those wishing to make a significant impact may even consider a career in environmental protection.

One of the best ways to live a fulfilling life is by doing work you’re passionate about. There are plenty of jobs for people who care about the environment. Consider making a career change that will impact more than your pocket.

Sustainability Officer

One of the biggest culprits contributing to environmental decline is big businesses. As such, companies are looking for ways to reduce their ecological impact. Sustainability officers use their expertise to help enterprises make “greener” decisions.

For example, a sustainability officer helps businesses identify when they need a waste cleanup company by analyzing their waste data. They can also work with leadership to develop recycling initiatives. If you love business and the environment, starting a career as a sustainability officer could be the route for you.

Urban Planner

Cities must expand as their populations grow. Accommodating new life is a wonderful thing, but it can lead to long-term environmental damage. This is where urban planners come into play.

Urban planners work for government entities to design efficient towns and cities. Not only do they find the best ways to expand communities, but they do so with the environment in mind. Urban planning is a perfect career choice for someone who cares about social and sustainable causes.


Improving environmental conditions isn’t only about tackling waste and preserving ecosystems; it’s also about making water accessible for everyone. Hydrology is the perfect field for people who care about the environment and water availability.

Hydrologists have an active job, working both in and out of the office and for public and private entities. These professionals get their hands dirty analyzing samples from all bodies of water. They work to bring clean water to marginalized communities that struggle with their supply.

If you dream of making an impact that benefits the entire world, start with how you spend your time. Choosing an environmentally-focused career will allow you to use your ambitions to make life better for every living being on the planet.

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