The Best Way to Pop the Question

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The Best Way to Pop the Question

No matter who you are, proposing is one of the most intimate and nerve-wracking things you can do. It can feel like everything rides on this moment. You have to make yourself vulnerable to ask someone to marry you, which is why it’s so beautiful! But you want to get it right. So, here’s a guide on the best way to pop the question.

Get Confirmation

Before you even think about setting up the whole event and moment, you want to be sure the other person is interested in marriage. Have a conversation about the topic and figure out if they are ready but try not to give away the surprise you’re getting ready to ask.

Don’t Ask in Public

When you’re planning to propose, you might want to avoid doing it in a public place. This can cause a lot of anxiety and pressure for the other person, compelling them to say yes or making them experience embarrassment in front of everyone. This is problematic, as you can’t be sure what they really feel until later when they’re away from others’ eyes.

Have a Symbol

You should have a symbol of your engagement ready to go when you pop the question. This is typically a ring with a diamond on it, but there are plenty of other options as well. In fact, people are starting to get alternative gemstones for rings that don’t have all the ethical problems of diamonds.


You want the entire night to be a moment to remember, so don’t do something everyone else does. Look to make it something specific to your relationship. A place you both cherish or where you do your favorite activity together is a good choice. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t a typical event area. It just needs to be special to the two of you.

These steps will help you find the best way to pop the question and give you both a moment you won’t forget! Just make sure you practice asking the question to help you get through the nerves.

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