The Most Common Cannabis Contaminants You Should Know

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The Most Common Cannabis Contaminants You Should Know

As a high-performance athlete, you pride yourself on monitoring what you put into your body. Cannabis can enhance performance and recovery alike. No matter how you consume it, cannabis offers unique health benefits. However, the cons of unmonitored pollutants can outweigh the pros of cannabis use. Here are the most common cannabis contaminants you should know.


Manufacturers design these chemical concoctions to reduce the harm that pests have on their crops, improving the quality and volume of the harvest. Though pesticides may increase profits for a grower, they pose a threat to consumers. Insecticides, fungicides, and more are carcinogens that can cause severe damage to the human body.

Heavy Metals

Cannabis belongs to a unique subset of plants known as hyperaccumulators. These plants have roots and leaves that absorb and process surrounding nutrients and materials faster and more efficiently than others. While this elevated absorption is an excellent quality for healthy growth, it means that the plant readily takes in contaminants.

Heavy metals lie within the soil, where many growers sow and harvest their cannabis crop. Due to the growing awareness of this problem, cannabis farms now analyze and treat their soil for these dangerous substances. However, this doesn’t stop heavy metals like arsenic, cadmium, and even lead from entering the products during the drying or post-production phases.


While nature is teeming with microbiological life, there are some nefarious contenders in the mix. Microbes that infiltrate cannabis production pose a threat to human health. These bacteria and fungi serve as plant-based pathogens that can prompt allergic reactions ranging from mild to life-threatening.

With the most common cannabis contaminants you should know in mind, you can become a more conscientious consumer. As an athlete who prides themselves on their physical capabilities, you must be wary. Ensure that all cannabis products you consume endure rigorous quality control testing with the very best technical instruments. That way, you know you’re doing your best to maximize your performance.

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