The Pros and Cons of Living in Portland, Oregon

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The Pros and Cons of Living in Portland, Oregon

When thinking about relocating, you should weigh the pros and cons of living in Portland, Oregon. You don’t want to move somewhere because of all the good rumors, and then be blindsided by all the cons or situations that occur that no one warned you about. There are many things to consider when thinking about moving to Portland. For example, if you enjoy sustainable living with a lot of traffic or prefer a natural environment, Portland might be just the place for you.


Good School System

If you are moving to Portland for your education, you’re in luck, because Portland has a sound school system. Whether you choose to go the public or private route, you’ll receive high-quality education.

Low Carbon Footprint

People in Portland care about their environment so much that they make conscious efforts to reduce their carbon footprints significantly. They have done this by providing excellent public transportation, using biodiesel, and installing wind turbines and solar panels.

No Sales Tax

Most people living in Portland vote against adding sales taxes because they’re taxed in many other ways. They have state and property taxes, while also making a lot of money from tourist shopping in their state.

There’s a Lot of Greenery

There are a lot of mountains, waterfalls, rivers, and forestry to see in Portland. There are many excellent nature spots that you can explore and rest by while getting acclimated to nature. You can hike, run, and bike with your pets in most reserves.

The Middle Ground

The pros and cons of living in Portland, Oregon, are clear. But some things are questionable depending on the location.


Depending on the population of your town, there’s a ban on self-serving gas stations in Portland, meaning you may not be able to pump your own gas. So, if you are a very independent person, you might want to reconsider and research the area you’re thinking about moving to in Portland, Oregon. That way, you won’t be frustrated while waiting for your car to be fully serviced, or when you’re out of gas and waiting for the attendant.


High Cost of Living

It may be hard to find a place to stay in Portland, even if you have the budget. The cost also keeps rising for rentals due to the high demand for housing! Be sure you have stable employment and backup living arrangements before relocating completely.

High Depression Rates

There is a high depression rate of people living in Portland because of switches in the economy and job loss. Job loss causes poverty leading to homelessness. Unfortunate, in Portland, there is a lack of health insurance and mental health care available to assist people.


Portland is considered a city with a lot of traffic congestion. You can lose a lot of your day just sitting in traffic! As with most cities, the traffic is because of population increase and construction.

If the shifting tectonic plates that are moving toward Portland, Oregon, deter you from moving here, the great adult beverages and farmer’s markets will capture your heart and make you want to stay. So, if you’re looking to learn what’s so special about Portland, let us tell you! But, of course, you should also take a trip, network, and get involved in a community before moving!

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