‘Therapy-in-an-hour’ mental health app sees bookings surge more than 300% in January, as lockdown anxiety grips the Nation

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  • More than 300% increase in urgent therapy appointments during third lockdown 
  • Download the My Pocket Therapist app here

‘Therapy-in-an-hour’ app My Pocket Therapist saw a huge spike in bookings during January, as the country went into lockdown for the third time.

Bookings were up more than 300% last month, with people needing immediate help for lockdown and Covid related anxiety one of the main reasons for the increase.

My Pocket Therapist, the UK’s first psychotherapy app, offers people a service where they can see a therapist within an hour of booking an appointment, and requesting help. 

The mental health app was launched in 2020 by Daniel Solden, after he was furloughed by his employer and then subsequently made redundant.

The app connects anyone needing help to a range of therapists including psychotherapists, counsellors, hypnotherapists, and cognitive behavioural therapists. 

Therapy sessions are conducted via audio or video and are Covid secure. This means that anyone self-isolating or in lockdown can access mental health services without leaving their house. 

All therapists on My Pocket Therapist (MPT) have video profiles that help people to choose a trusted expert who will make them feel the most comfortable during the consultation or therapy.

MPT is 100% confidential and clients only have to provide a contact e-mail address and payment details. Payments can be made via Apple Pay or a credit/debit card.

The cost of a 50 minute psychotherapy session is £60. Children can also book therapy sessions with a child specialist, as long as they have parental approval. 

My Pocket Therapist is currently available through the Apple App Store.

Daniel Solden, founder of My Pocket Therapist comments: 

“The Centre for Mental Health recently reported* that a fifth of adults in the UK and 1.5 million children will need support for depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorders and other mental health difficulties during the pandemic. 

“Many people who have never had mental health problems before now feel the need to see a therapist urgently and can’t due to crippling waiting times and Covid restrictions. 

“The app vastly reduces waiting times and serves as a vital lifeline. It has been designed to help people access mental health services when they need them most, and as quickly as possible. 

“It’s convenient and anyone can use the service from their own home or phone. During lockdown, many people are working alone and are not able to physically access any of their normal services.

“We are confident that if someone wants to speak to a therapist urgently, they will be able to view and choose a therapist through the app and see them within an hour of booking an appointment.”

Mark Quant booked a therapist through My Pocket Therapist:

“I think, for many people, the latest lockdown has been more mentally draining than the previous two. It certainly has for me. The combination of being stuck at home, and the dark, gloomy weather, has definitely taken its toll on my mental health. 

“I felt I would benefit from speaking to a therapist but when I started researching therapy services online, I found the whole process overwhelming. What I loved about My Pocket Therapist is how convenient and intuitive the service is. I was able to quickly choose a therapist I was comfortable with via the app and book an online session for that day.”

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