Things To Do In The UK: Planning Your Holiday

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New Zealand, Paris, Maui, Bora Bora, Tahiti, and Rome are heralded as some of the best holiday destinations for singletons, couples, and families worldwide. Yet, if there’s one country that can hold its own against these Instagram-worthy destinations, it’s the United Kingdom.

With its iconic landmarks, internationally renowned music festivals, breathtaking natural beauty, infectious nightlife, interesting history and world-class dining experiences, the UK offers its visitors plenty of things to see and do.

Attracting an average of thirty million visitors from around the globe each year, the birthplace of The Beatles, William Shakespeare, and Jane Austen should be near the top of your bucket list if you’re an avid traveller.

Yet, if you’re jet-setting off to the UK anytime soon, you might be wondering what there is to do in a country that is best known for tea, David Beckham, Oasis, black cabs, and double-decker buses? The answer? A lot!

To help you plan your UK holiday, we’ve created this article outlining several of the best things to do in the UK, from taking in the coastal views and soaking up some history. So, grab your bag, camera, vape pen, plus anything else you might need for a UK break and keep reading to discover more.

Breathe In The Coastal Air

Nothing beats the feeling of the sand between your toes, breathing in the salty tang that coastal air carries, and seeing a never-ending line of blue stretching as far as the eye can see. Depending on where you are staying in the UK, a trip to the seaside might take up a day of your trip – so ensure that you go when the UK weather isn’t so temperamental!

From secret coves and crystal-clear waters to pebbled beaches and stunning bays, this island has every variety of beach a coat-lover could ever want. Whether you’re hoping for barefoot strolls in the near-white sands of Porthcurno Beach in Cornwall or for fresh seafood on the shingled Beer Beach in Devon, there are tons of opportunities for visitors to the UK to sample the coastal air.

However, there are some rules to follow while visiting UK beaches especially if you smoke cigarettes or use vape pens. If you’re visiting the UK from countries like Spain or the United States where some regions allow smoking on beaches, you might be surprised to discover that smoking isn’t permitted on any UK beach, and you could incur a hefty fine if you’re caught doing so.

Yet, there is currently no legalisation surrounding vaping on UK beaches. So, if you’re a user of cigarettes, it’s worth looking into vape pens rather than trying to go without them. Consider visiting the websites of independent vape stores like Grey Haze, to gain expert advice about the activity and the different types of vape pens available.

Sample The Flavours Of Britain

Ask any frequent traveller, and they’ll tell you that one of the best things about international travel is not the act of travelling around the world but eating your way through it. Food is a quintessential part of any travel experience since it allows you to discover flavours you’ve never tried before, learn a lot about a country’s culture, get inspired to recreate the dish at home, and gain happy memories while doing so.

For the best foodie experience, you’ll want to make your way towards the capital of the UK, London. Having received the second most Michelin Stars in Europe, London has over seventy-starred restaurants to choose from inspired by the works of famous British chefs such as Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver, Heston Blumenthal, and many more.

It is here that you can sample some of the UK’s most iconic dishes like a full English breakfast, a Sunday roast, toad in the hole, Shepherds/Cottage pie, steak and kidney pie, and – of course – fish and chips. But this is a dish best enjoyed by the seaside if you ask us, just mind the seagulls if you take us up on it!

Attend A Music Festival Or Sporting Event

Being the birthplace of iconic musicians such as Freddie Mercury, The Beatles, Amy Winehouse and Phil Collins, it is only expected that the UK is home to some of the most anticipated festivals in music history. Therefore, if you’re a music lover, consider making the most out of your visit and timing your trip while one of them is running.

For rock and heavy metal fans there is Download Festival at Donnington Park in Derby, or for chart fans there is Reading Festival at Richfield Avenue in Reading, so regardless of your music taste, you’ll be pleased to know that the UK festival scene will deliver. On the other hand, if you’d rather be caught dead than go to a music festival you could consider attending a sporting event.

As one of the most sporting-obsessed countries in the world, the UK has a legion of passionate fans who attend every single sporting event they can – especially football. Since it was invented by the Brits in 1170, it’s only fitting that it’s the country’s national sport, yet don’t worry if you’re not a fan yourself as tons of sporting events grace the UK each year from cricket, tennis, rugby and more.

So, if you’re more of a sports aficionado as opposed to a music one, consider timing your visit with one of Britain’s great sporting events like Wimbledon, The Grand National, Six Nations Rugby Championship, British Grand Prix, or any other top sporting events in the UK. Not only will it play into your interests but it’ll give you a great travel memory to treasure!

Take In The Natural Beauty

In the United Kingdom, you don’t have to travel far to surround yourself in nature, since a whopping 67% of the island is made-up of green spaces. Therefore, no visit to the UK can be complete without exploring some of the many natural beauties that the island has to offer.

Fortunately, many of the green spaces that make up the island are accessible to the public, and there is a lot to choose from depending on what you and your travelling companions would like to explore.

Whether you’d like to place yourself in King Arthurs’s shoes and explore castle ruins that have been reclaimed by nature, or if you’d like to take in the flora and fauna native to the UK by strolling through one of the many gardens – there’s a green space for everyone.

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