Top 7 Women’s Briefcases That Make A Strong Statement

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An ultimate power move is placing your leather briefcase onto the boardroom table. And this satisfying activity should not be limited to be a men’s ‘thing’.

The seven women’s briefcases in this list are simply gorgeous, with quality materials throughout that will help you stand out in a empowering way. Make way for the women’s briefcase!

#1 Women Brown Pu Leather Briefcase

The Women Brown PU Leather Briefcase travel product recommended by Syed Ali Hasan on Pretty Progressive.

The perfect shoulder and hand carry briefcase for businesswomen. Made of quality PU leather and features durable detachable long strap, hardware, and large compartments to carry laptop, small devices, and books. Best for office, meeting and interview use.


#2 Laptop Bag For Women

The Laptop Bag for Women travel product recommended by Noman Asghar on Pretty Progressive.

The perfect bag for women to look modern without doing an extra effort. It is stylish and cool from and outside. It can hold many things because Slim fit bag is big enough from inside to hold your laptop, books, makeup items, and other accessories.


#3 Bostanten Leather Briefcase Laptop Handbag Messenger Business Bags

The BOSTANTEN Leather Briefcase Laptop Handbag Messenger Business Bags travel product recommended by Noman Asghar on Pretty Progressive.

It is an outstanding briefcase that is built from high-quality leather. This powerful bag is able to hold a heavy load. The long strap is given with metallic buckle to hang it on shoulders when you want to free your hand. Clean and crisp design that you can go with it anywhere.


#4 Classic Messenger Bag

The Classic Messenger Bag travel product recommended by Gina Morris on Pretty Progressive.

They have so many styles and options. You can even create your own custom bag if you don’t want anyone else to have the same design. I’ve had mine for over 5 years, and with daily use, it’s still going strong. As a working mom of 4 kids, my work briefcase often goes from daytime to evening and weekend just by removing my laptop. Timbuk2 bags work great for this. Mine goes from business trips to Disney World with the family.


#5 Emma 37 Work Bag

The EMMA 37 work Bag travel product recommended by Hana Mahmoud on Pretty Progressive.

Find work-life balance with EMMA 37. Whether you’re commuting, jet-setting, or errand-running, EMMA 37 takes your busy schedule in stride. Hyper-organized travelers will love the clever storage systems of the sleek, leather laptop tote. It’s the best under seat personal item for the plane if you plan on plugging in to watch a downloaded movie or get some work done, and still have plenty of space for all your other in-flight necessities.Pack an array of files, your 15 laptop, tablet, power supplies, and a modest amount of other gear each in its own compartment. This tote makes getting everything in and out a breeze (no flashlight required).


#6 Compact Leather & Waxed Canvas Briefcase

The Compact Leather & Waxed Canvas Briefcase travel product recommended by Naomi Rose on Pretty Progressive.

It’s handmade by our craftspeople and perfectly tailored for the workplace. The exterior is made of a incredibly elegant yet tough leather and canvas combination that brings a splash of personality to the office. We intentionally designed this bag to suit smaller frames, yet still outperform all other bags. Inside, there’s plenty of space for a MacBook, iPad Pro, and all other office essentials. We believe so strongly in our art and craftsmanship, we stand behind it for the next 25-years with our excellent leather warranty.


#7 Cole Haan Benson Work Tote

The Cole Haan Benson Work Tote travel product recommended by Megan Moran on Pretty Progressive.

This is a great option if you want a bag that can be more than just a briefcase. You can throw your laptop in it during the day but the style easily transitions to a day with the family or date night. Because if you’re investing in something- don’t you want it to be multi-functional?


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