Human beings are inherently expressive and social. The exchange of ideas being at the forefront of all the competing and collaborating complex societies we have in this small world.

We here at pretty progressive are trying to achieve a base where everyone no matter what race, religion or creed can be heard and is given a fair platform. We have had enough of the few large media companies and newspapers giving biased and sometimes untrue accounts to push a selfish and personal agenda of the few onto the many. Ideas are made to be shared and freedom of speech is an important aspect in this process.

Sometimes we have to understand that we as individuals are all results of our surroundings, cultures and upbringing and that each of us has something positive to contribute to this world. Society should forever be evolving and improving as each generation passes and the sacrifices made by those such as Emmeline Pankhurst should be remembered, improved on and used in everyday life.

We argue that now is the most important time in history where ideas and societal reforms can be implemented. The creation of the internet could be seen as one of the most pivotal moments in human history and we should be taking advantage of it. We have the power as people to be the change we want to see from the Arab spring toppling some of the oldest dictatorships in the world to spreading knowledge to the far corners of the world where once it would be impossible to reach.

This is why now more than ever, take the chance, spread the word, knowledge is power.

If you have any stories or topics you would like to be heard please do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected]. No topic or idea is too small or too stupid to be heard.