Empowering Women Industry: Breakthrough US Startups Led by Minority Females

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​In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, the role of women cannot be understated. The ascension of startups led by women has not only reshaped the industrial landscape but has made new strides in promoting gender equality and representation. These successful startups serve as shining beacons, demonstrating the limitless potential of innovation, robust leadership, and diligent teamwork in transforming dreams into reality. Here, we spotlight the top women-led ventures thriving in the women’s industry, making a palpable difference through their services and initiatives.

These companies are the tireless brainchildren of todays mighty women. Each one of them presents an innovative solution to an age-old problem or a pioneering idea which champions inclusivity for a previously overlooked demographic. These startups are not just business entities, they also serve as powerful platforms for social change.

The following startups have distinguished themselves by their transformative approach to women’s wellness, media, technology, and more. With a successful blend of innovative solutions, passion, and female leadership, these enterprises continue to break the glass ceiling, encouraging more women to become trailblazing entrepreneurs.


Based in San Francisco, My.Flow was founded by Amanda Brief. The startup is committed to revolutionising women’s menstrual wellbeing through their Patent Pending model technology. Determined to change the conversation around menstruation, My.Flow aims to empower women by providing them with detailed insights into their menstrual health. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

Her Campus Media

Co-founded by Annie Wang, Stephanie Lewis, and Windsor Western, Her Campus Media is a Boston-based startup targeting college and GenZennial women. With a robust media portfolio across multiple properties, the startup has positioned itself as a leader in the female media industry. Their work positions them decisively as a key player in the career progression of women in the media and marketing industries. Facebook | LinkedIn


StyleBlueprint was founded by Elizabeth Fox and Liza Graves in Nashville. The startup focuses on promoting local businesses through effective digital solutions, leveraging original content and robust marketing to achieve outstanding results. StyleBlueprint is driven by its passion for bolstering local businesses and guiding them towards having a more influential online presence. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

Texas Women’s Foundation

Co-founded by Carmen Michael, Catalina E. Garcia, CoYoTe PhoeNix, and Frances Griffin-Brown, the Texas Women’s Foundation is a non-profit organization operating from Dallas. The startup provides a platform for advice and tools, helping women all over Texas make better-informed decisions, fostering great leaders and change-makers. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter


Fashioned by the Dhatt family in Hayward, California, Ladykind develops and sells health products for women incorporating key ingredient CBD. Designed to address stress, hormonal imbalances, sleep troubles, and period pain, this global brand balances traditional herbs, ancient knowledge and proven remedies with sustainable and cruelty-free practises. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter


A group born in Berkeley, California, Lioness, under the leadership of Anna Lee, James Wang, and Liz Klinger, uses advanced vibrators paired with a mobile app to educate and help women understand their sexual responses. Providing information on arousal, orgasm times and when sex would feel best, the Lioness team is breaking taboos around female sexuality. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

Work & Mother

Founded by Abbey Donnell, Work & Mother offers fully equipped lactation suites for working mothers in Houston, Texas. Their network includes a support app and they cater to commercial buildings, helping them uphold legal obligations and wellness goals. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

Hela Health

Based in New York, Hela Health is a joint venture by Cathy (Kaplan) Sebag and Gal Brenner. The startup provides fitness solutions and innovative health care apps for women. LinkedIn

Period Tracker

Operating in Atlanta, Georgia, Period Tracker provides women with an app to track their menstruation cycle while taking care of their health and wellness. The app uses software solutions that grant women unique insights into their wellness. LinkedIn

Kiira Health

Kiira Health, launched in Los Angeles, California in 2018, employs powerful AI and digital healthcare solutions to provide women with access to professional healthcare. Founded by Candice Fraser, Cassy Gibson, Crystal Adesanya, and Crystal Evuleocha, the startup offers services in the fields of fertility, personal health, and more. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

Ellevate Network

Established by Janet Hanson, New York-based Ellevate Network is a community of professional women worldwide aimed at creating equal opportunities and promoting education. It is dedicated to closing the gender achievement gap by providing a platform for women to learn from one another. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

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