Start Empowerment Early with these Baby Shower Gifts that put Feminism First

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Finding gifts for Baby Showers can be hard, so we’ve put together this short list of ideas that have the added bonus of supporting feminist ideology. It’s never to early start to introduce children to important ideas about equality!

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls by Elena Favilli

This product was recommended by Danijela Mazic from What to Get My

An unorthodox book for bedtime stories will be a perfect baby shower gift. Abandon the stereotypes of fairy tales that make women passive and inspire little girls with stories about great women in the world. Having strong female role models is crucial for girls’ development. It can encourage little girls to dream big and change the world! This book is surely important for girls, but boys need it too. It will shift their perspective and teach them to respect women.

Baby Bodysuit

This product was recommended by Danijela Mazic from What to Get My

This cute bodysuit is fit for both girls and boys. Why? Because it’s necessary to teach boys about feminism too! Female empowerment is very important but boys need more education about feminism. Patriarchy also affects boys and everybody should fight for equality. This onesie’s design includes a strong message and it’s great for introducing progressive ideas into the family.

Learning Resources Primary Science Deluxe Lab Set

This product was recommended by Danijela Mazic from What to Get My

Although your friend’s baby can’t start playing with this toy until he/she gets older, you should still consider getting it for the baby shower. It’s always good to give toys that foster curiosity and inspire kids to become scientists, doctors, engineers, etc. Gifts like this science set are great for encouragement and re-examining gender roles. Who says girls can’t be scientists or engineers?

That’s Major!

This product was recommended by Ashli Urquhart from AUPR

Major Care is a new, virtual doula agency that uniquely matches mothers with a dedicated doula who will provide individualized support 24/7. Major Care is the only personalized, giftable service and is 1/4 of the cost of in-person doula care. For the cost of a latte a day, mothers can text questions and consult with specialists. According to the CDC, although 15% of mothers experience postpartum mood disorders, US insurance does not include postpartum coverage. Studies also show that the use of a doula provides better birth and postpartum outcomes. Give the gift that will truly make a difference!

Night Life by Sara Lovell

This product was recommended by Beth Blenz-Clucas from Sugar Mountain PR

Acclaimed and award-winning songwriter Sara Lovell will release her third children’s music album in less than four years. In keeping with her previous two award-winning albums (You’ve Got Me and Wild is Everywhere), Night Life is defined by its easy movement between diverse musical genres in a sparkling and adventurous musical exploration of what happens between the resistance and the surrender when day turns to night. The original song Rock-a-Bye My Baby will become your child’s new favorite lullaby.

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