What To Wear When: Bodycon Gowns VS Flowing Gowns

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Searching for your next dream dress? Finding that perfect style is no easy task – with a whole world of options out there, it’s easy to get lost before you even begin. When it comes to securing a style that will make you feel your very best, wherever you are, there is one simple place to start – the silhouette. Shapes and designs come in many forms, but there are some deciding factors that can instantly streamline your search, helping you get on your way to that perfect fit just that little bit sooner. One of the most recognisable differences is fitted or flowy. Explore these fitted and flowy dress ideas to inspire your shopping…


Fitted vs flowy – which is best? 

The fitted or flowy debate really comes down to your personal style, the event you’re stepping out to and which choice is going to make you feel your most beautiful. A fitted dress will hug your figure and highlight your unique dimensions flawlessly, while a flowy dress will create a feminine and playful look. Take a moment to think about what style is going to make you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful and go from there. The good news is that both choices are utterly timeless and always on trend, so you can invest in a fitted or a flowy gown and know that you can depend on it for getting all dressed up for countless events to come. 

Formal dress gown ideas 

Now that you’ve decided on style, it’s time to start dreaming up your perfect dress. Consider these stunning dress ideas…

The best of both worlds 

For the woman who just can’t choose. A gown can carry both fitted and flowy components, perfectly fusing the soft with the structured for a beautiful look that will make you feel like your best self. Choose a striking silhouette with a plunging V neckline, figure skimming skirt and a gently flared, flowing train. To amplify that glamour, look for a semi-sheer lace fabric with delicate embellishments – this style is perfect for all your black tie events or really special occasions. 

Modern minimal 

Minimalism is one of those looks that always looks good. Choose a strong silhouette with a clean square neckline, halter straps, a nipped waist and a skirt cut on the bias. Play up the understated proportions with a fresh, bright neutral hue like ivory white or black for a classic feel that you can use as a canvas for all your styling sensibilities. 


Shimmering accents 

Glistening embellishments can elevate even the most simple of silhouettes. You can add a little shimmer in any way that speaks to your heart, draped beading, reflective sequins, stitched crystals or delicate diamonds are all great options. This can be a component of your gown, or the defining factor. For those looking for high impact, choose a dress beaded all over with a halter neckline and beaded off the shoulder straps – it doesn’t get dressier than this. 

Fitted or flowy, which will you fall for?

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