Why Business Owners Follow Political Legislation

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Why are company owners so interested in current events and political news? There are many reasons, but the bottom line is that they do it to survive. Laws matter, and political trends are usually a major part of the legal environment. Plenty of new rules, legislation, industry guidelines, and political trends make good business sense. For entrepreneurs, there are multiple reasons to follow political issues, but the main one is that it’s profitable to do so. Here are more details about some of the top ways politics plays a central role in various commercial sectors.


Recent political developments on the national level have imposed new requirements on marketing practices. The old truth in advertising laws is still a foundation for owners to follow, but the current administration in Washington, D.C., has imposed stricter guidelines on promotional activities. This is part of the importance of diversity in marketing as well. While social topics aren’t necessarily legal or illegal in terms of your brand’s image, not getting with the times can certainly land you in hot water if you are not careful.

General Impact

Political changes in the past few years have also altered the playing field in areas like access for disabled consumers, anti discrimination practices, financial disclosure, and tax reporting. Whether company owners want to admit it or not, the political landscape is a real force in the daily operation of an enterprise. National laws change with every change in government. Likewise, state politics play a role for all organizations that operate within a given border.

Fleet Management & Environmental Regulations

For transport fleets, environmental rules aim to keep emissions as low as possible. The smog check and certification process in California has a direct impact on commercial transportation fleets. Managing a fleet that operates in the state means keeping close tabs on politics. Sacramento’s leaders are keen to tighten smog check rules, but for now, fleet managers who operate in the Golden State, it’s essential to know what the current smog check rules are to stay fully compliant. Telematics systems can minimize the amount of time it takes to do a routine check. That way, drivers and fleet managers can maximize vehicle operational time on the road and keep related smog-check expenses to a bare minimum.

Access for Disabled Consumers

The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) is a massive piece of legislation that has been around since 1990. All successive politicians in the White House have attempted to change the details of the package, some attempting to loosen the guidelines and others trying to make them stricter. However, for merchants in retail and many other segments, it makes good sense to abide by the strictest possible version of the laws. On the one hand, the practice is legally sound, but on the other, it is good customer relations. Following the many requirements of ADA can be costly for store owners and retailers, but in the long run, it’s wise to cater to as wide of a demographic as possible. For nearly every seller of goods or provider of services, that means including disabled clients and customers in the mix as efficiently as possible.

Truth in Advertising

Every year, politics plays a role in the changing guidelines regarding what advertisers can and can’t say in their written and televised copy. Marketing department managers strive to stay informed about local, state, and national laws that could have an impact on their daily operations. Some corporations spend huge sums on lobbyists who seek to influence legislation in Washington, D.C., and state capitals. The goal is always the same, but the results differ. Ownership aims to loosen the stringent rules about the kinds of claims advertisers can make. In the long run, lax regulations can come back to harm merchants who make inaccurate claims, empty promises, and misleading statements in the ad copy. Consumers might fall for a tricky campaign once, but eventually, they catch on to deceptive practices and claims.

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