Best Natural Environments To Hold a Wedding

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Best Natural Environments To Hold a Wedding

Your wedding day is one that you want to remember for the rest of your life. Many people prefer to have their ceremonies in a church or other religious building. However, these venues may be slightly constrictive and feel a bit more traditional than something you want to do. If you and your partner would prefer hosting an extravagant wedding outdoors, here are some of the best natural environments to hold a wedding that can make it unforgettable.


When people envision nature, the sights, sounds, and smells of the forest typically come to mind. There are many great parks or private properties that host weddings. You can find a nice clearing along a forest path to hold your ceremony or look for more of an open field with the forest in the backdrop. Regardless of what you’re looking for, a romantic ceremony near the forest can provide a feast for the senses and make for an incredible event.


Water is a common symbol in many cultures. It often represents life, purity, love, and the flow of time. Naturally, incorporating water into your wedding ceremony may be a great option. Many lakes have venues surrounding the body of water, or you may be able to rent a boat and have your big day on the surface of the lake itself. Lake Travis in Texas has many areas perfect for a wedding on the water. Consider some lakes near you and see if there are any space rental options for your big day.


If you’re near a coastline, a beach is one of the best natural environments to hold a wedding. The soft sand beneath your feet is comforting and inviting, while the crashing waves in the background provide a natural ambience that adds a distinct sound for your big day. We often associate beaches with romance and beauty, so it’s only natural to hold a wedding ceremony there. However, we recommend taking the extra time to ensure that all guests and participants have sunscreen and that the sun won’t cause any glares that mess up photographs.

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