The Safest Alternatives to Drinking and Driving

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We have a responsibility to be respectful of our community, and one of the most important ways we show this respect is in how we practice safety in public. This can come in many forms, from using crosswalks to not throwing trash on the street. Perhaps the most impactful way we interact with our community’s safety is how we drive, making defensive and responsible driving essential. Though most people are careful drivers, nights on the town and a little intoxication can blur judgment, making getting behind the wheel sound like a fine option for getting home safely. It’s not. Protect yourself, your friends, and your community by learning the safest alternatives to drinking and driving below.

Designate a Driver

One of the most effective strategies to avoid drinking and driving is to designate a driver. Select a member of your group who volunteers to stay sober for the event and drive everyone home.

Get Rideshare Services

If none of your friends can or want to drive, then opting for rideshare services is another option to get home safely. Though perhaps the costliest option available, rideshares guarantee easy, safe transportation back home. However, a personal driver might be better than Uber or other rideshare services, so you could also consider hiring one for your night out.

Use Public Transportation

Public transportation is safe, inexpensive, and eco-friendly—a win-win-win for safety, your wallet, and the environment. If you live in a big city or one with reliable late-night public transport, then this is a great, affordable option for getting home safely.


If your destination is within a reasonable distance and you live in a safe area, consider walking instead of driving. Walking can also help you sober up before turning in for the night. Plus, it’s free! Just make sure you stay on well-lit paths and avoid walking alone. Safety, in all its forms, should remain a priority.

Don’t Drink

This might seem like a cop-out, but it is an effective way to not drink and drive. A sober lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular among the younger generation, and there’s no shortage of benefits that an alcohol-free life can bring. Even if you want to try it out for just one night on the town, you’ll be ensuring the safety of you and everyone you’re with.

Making informed choices about our behaviors, especially regarding alcohol consumption and driving, contributes to our collective well-being. These safest alternatives to drinking and driving will help you have incredible nights that don’t come at the cost of safety.

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