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Careers in the Arts for Non-Artistic Art Lovers

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Loving art knows no bounds. Plenty of people would love to dedicate their lives to something aiding the arts, but might lack in artistic ability or simply feel it’s best left to the pros. There are many ways to be involved in the arts, further the field, and even get paid for it. Here are some careers in the arts for non-artistic art lovers.

Film festival organizer

If movies are your passion but you just don’t see yourself working in film production, you can use your skillsets to be heavily involved in the film industry without making films. If you’re well-organized and good at prioritizing and multitasking, film festival organization might be a great career path for you. You would select a location, come up with submission requirements, acquire judges, recruit filmmakers, market to the public, and run the event—think snacks, drinks, evening flow, etc.

Art teacher

By becoming an art teacher, you can share your love of art with the next generation of artists. Many famous artists later thank their art teachers for inspiring and encouraging them at a young age to pursue and perfect their craft. While teaching is often a grueling profession, it’s still a very rewarding one. You’ll get to influence the future while educating children about works of past great artists.

Art or movement therapist

Combine your love for art and your love for helping others by seeking a career in art or dance movement therapy. These non-traditional therapy forms are up and coming fields—meaning you’d get to help pioneer a new and very exciting industry. Art therapy uses expression through art to help with emotional responses and promote positive mental health. Dance movement therapy utilizes movement of the body to encourage mental and emotional healing and expression. Both of these careers require proper licensing, so be sure to find a good mentor and educational program before setting out to open your own practice.

Art curator

An art curator has many responsibilities, including picking out the perfect pieces for an exhibit, gallery, or even a client’s personal collection. They ensure the right art is selected, safely shipped, and displayed properly. This career requires an extensive knowledge of art as well as expert organizational skills. This is a perfect career for those who love learning about art styles and have a good eye for up and coming artists.

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