East Asian Female Powerhouses Shaping America’s Fashion Startups

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Welcome to another installment of our startup series, where we shine a spotlight on the promising and burgeoning talent within our global society. This particular feature celebrates East Asian-founded startups making waves within the fashion industry. From ground-breaking advancements in technology and eco-conscious alternatives to the reimagining of long-practiced models, these startups have brought innovative solutions and concepts to the fore.

These startups, founded by visionaries from an East Asian background, are further breaking barriers and fostering diversity in both leadership and entrepreneurship in the fashion industry, which caters to a vast global audience of varied demographics. Through their distinct missions and values, they are setting inspiring examples, and creating more opportunities for underrepresented groups in fashion and tech alike.

So without further ado, let’s delve into the profiles of these startups, looking at the products and services they offer, and the thought-leaders who spearheaded them.


Unspun aims to revolutionize the way consumers shop for jeans via a blend of robotics, 3D technology, and localization. Co-founded by Elizabeth Esponnette, Kevin Martin, and Walden Lam, the San Francisco-based startup offers customized jeans manufactured to each customer’s particular needs while simultaneously countering carbon emissions. Its B2B platform grants large apparel labels a means of digitizing customization. On top of its mission to combat climate change, unspun even claims to produce the best-fitting jeans on the planet. Connect with unspun via @unspun_io, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Alex Louie and Sun Kim, STORY SPARK perfectly encapsulates the dynamic relationship between art, technology, and fashion. Based in Torrance, California, this startup stakes its claim in the realm of graphic t-shirts inspired by tech and pop culture. By creating engaging content and carefully designed products, they aim to reaffirm that technology empowers self-expression. For more updates, follow them on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.


Founded by Eric Ni, Jason Tsai, and Ken Leung, Brandboom is a Los Angeles-based startup rejuvenating the B2B commerce and wholesale markets. Their cloud-based Line Sheets, Ordering & Invoicing tools are transforming the way fashion businesses operate. By employing AI, Brandboom creates ideal matches for brands and retailers. Connect with them through Facebook, or get insight into their operations by following them on Twitter.


iambic, led by founders Chaudhry Raza Hassan and Maeve Wang, is a New York-based startup with a mission to give consumers comfortable, personalized shoes that match their unique lifestyle and movements. This fashion-tech brand blends AI technology and science-led design to assess and improve the fit of each pair of shoes with every wear. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Beau Wangtrakuldee, AmorSui is a Philadelphia-based startup committed to providing healthcare professionals with modern, sustainable, protective apparel. Their products reflect a considerable emphasis on innovation and digitalization. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to know more.


Crossing the Atlantic from London to New York, Nina Faulhaber and Meg He launched ADAY – a direct-to-consumer brand that’s fast becoming the benchmark for consciously designed, technical clothing. ADAY maintains its strong commitment to the planet and focuses on sustainable fashion. You may connect with ADAY on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Giftsy, founded by Cindy Lee, gives a digital touch to the ancient barter system. Based in San Francisco, the online community marketplace connects people to exchange pre-loved clothing and hence addresses climate change, waste, and pollution. Follow them on website, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to know more.

Short Story

Focusing on petite women, Isabella Sun and Samuel Hoffstaetter co-founded Short Story with the belief that everyone should have a great shopping experience. The startup provides petite-friendly, high-quality style selection that aims to transform the petite woman’s shopping experience. Follow Short Story on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Anya Cheng, Taelor is a Silicon Valley-based startup that is changing how men shop for clothes. Taelor uses a mix of Artificial Intelligence and personal stylists to offer a rent-and-return clothing subscription service that minimizes shopping time and reduces individuals’ carbon footprint. Follow Taelor on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for the latest updates.

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